two faucets in one sink?

annschFebruary 9, 2012

Somewhere along the way in my kitchen planning I remember reading that someone put two faucets at one sink. I will have one sink in the island and wondering if that would suit our family to have two faucets. That way someone could be cleaning up and the other could also get a glass of water at the same time.

Does anyone have this configuration?? Does it work well?

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It can work, but it needs to be a really big sink or two separate side by side sinks.

You are much better off separating the prep and cleanup functions by introducing a prep sink with faucet in a good location.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

We've had a separate filtered-water tap at the kitchen sink for years. I don't even notice when someone beside me reaches for it, so I guess I'm used to stopping for a few seconds to accommodate him/her. We also fill the coffee pot and water pitchers there, but they can be left on the counter to fill (filtered tap has a decreased flow rate), as long as someone is keeping a close watch.

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I have two faucets on a 36" (?) farmhouse sink. Both herbeau, one a bridge one their gear-shift-like style. We like it. The second faucet is for handwashing or washing produce usually, in a colander.

I can post a pic later

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laura mcleod

we did this in a 36" Stages sink (we did not have a good spot for a prep sink due to having a smaller space). It has worked great for us - it is one of my very favorite things in our new kitchen!

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thanks laurainlincoln! Do you think 2 faucets would work in 33", as I am not sure we have the space in the 11' island?

Do you happen to have pix of your sink nd faucets? Thanks!

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laura mcleod

Hi there - I do have a shot -

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So we're getting the Stages 45 sink installed and are debating the one vs. two faucets decision. We bought a Grohe K7 semi-pro style faucet already but are now thinking of combining it with the Grohe K7 pull-out style faucet on the same sink. I'm guessing they'll look good together since they're from the same line. The problem with the semi-pro is that you can't pull out the cord so the reach isn't ideal for a 45 inch-wide sink. Is having two significant faucets going to overwhelm things? Anyone have an opinion?

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe K7

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I do, on a 27 inch undermount. The one centered is a KWC purejet; the second is a small Hansgrohe (similar finish) that is hooked up to a cold-water only connection. The Hansgrohe isn't much bigger than a soap dispenser. It's there because we installed a water softening system and wanted an untreated tap in the kitchen for drinking and some cooking.

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I thought about it - but decided I would need a larger sink - love the double farm sink but alas, would not have fit in our kitchen...

I did a bit of planning, so if I do want to add a cold water only faucet, I could do that.

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gnoer >>> I was wondering which method did you choose for the kohler stages 45. Were getting that sink and was also looking at the grohe k7 semi-pro. I was hoping i can manage with the K7 only.


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