KA Fridge and Electrolux oven- Do they look good together?

lry511February 22, 2011

I am ordering the KA counter depth refrigerator and I am stuck on the wall oven. I am leary of the KA wall oven because of the problems I have read about. I am interested in the Electrolux wall oven.( I am hoping to purchase the induction range to be put on another wall) In the appliance store the Electrolux stainless steel looks "whiter" than the Kitchen Aid. Does anyone have these two appliances next to each other? Any pics? How do they look next to each other? thanks for your help!

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I hope they look good together as I am doing these also! They will be separated from each other across a diagonal pantry door. Will yours really be right next to each other? I hope the fridge door is a single door that swings AWAY from the ovens. Otherwise, you'll have a door swing issue on your hands likely resulting in a fridge door ding.

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Wow they will be next to each other. I would like the french door style. Good point to consider. thanks

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I'm disillusioned with french door fridges. Most of the time I end up opening both doors anyway which is annoying. But that's beside the point.

Unless you have a very large spacer between ovens and fridge, you'll need a single-door unit with a door that ssings AWAY from the ovens. Can you post your layout here? Maybe there is a way around having fridge and ovens as cozy neighbors.

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Love my KA counter depth fridge, have the french doors. Had same KA fridge in previous house and loved it. Not installed yet, but did get a KA double True convection wall oven/micro. I have read terrible reviews about KA Superbas, but my KD assured me she has not heard any negatives about the Architect 11 series. They use it a lot in the showroom to bake cookies. However, I did opt not to purchase it from KD and went to Lowes so I could get the extended warranty. It's a gamble, but I have all KA appliances and I like the matching finishes in my small kitchen.

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Here is my layout.

and here is the wall:

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I have the KA steam double oven waiting to be installed. Got mine at Lowes also due to the extended warranty. If you research enough every wall oven I looked at had one problem or another, I liked the KA so here goes nothing!

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Breezygirl, try the 4 door KitchenAid. It has french doors with a pantry door to get into the deli section. Looks great and is quality built. A little more money, but if it fits your style its worth it.

As far as the KA and the Electrolux, they use SS from different vendors. The shades could be different. I would take a pic of each and compare.

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PTP--My new kitchen layout requires a single-door fridge. I think the 4 door would annoy me even more than a french door. But again, that's beside the point.

LR--I suggest you post your layout on a new thread to see if anyone has suggestions for you. Your need for help in that area isn't reflect in the title. If I didn't know anything about the Elux oven, I wouldn't have opened this. The layout experts around here might be in the same boat.

You might want to make your drawing more readable as I can't make out where the fridge and ovens are. If your fridge is standard-depth and is set very far forward of your ovens mounted 24" deep, you may not have much of a problem. I can't tell from your drawing though.

Here's a post I did recently on just your door swing issue as I was considering the same layout for my new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: How much space b/w ovens and fridge

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Here is a picture of our Electrolux Ovens and KitchenAid SxS Fridge. We think they look fine next to each other. Hope this helps!

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Ours aren't quite as close together as meg_ma's, but they are only separated by a walkway. I think they look great together.

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meg_ma - any door dings? Vate - the handles on your ovens look different or is it just my eyes? ( I am getting older).

Thanks for the pics, They do looks fine together.

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Whew, I went to the appliance store and measured the swing of the frige. Thank the Good Lord the door has a stop so it doesn't swing all the way back. There is enough room for the wall oven and handle and some room to spare. Thanks for your help!!

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Vate, please show me your.... stone! That bling is blingy! wooowww... gorgeous hunk of counter. close up please.

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>>>Vate - the handles on your ovens look different or is it just my eyes?The top and bottom handles of the double oven are identical. They differ from the KA fridge, of course, but in style they are similar (large arc that goes all the way to the surface of the door).

>>>Vate, please show me your.... stone!Thanks for your kind words. Here are a couple of closer shots:

The stone is "Cinderella Blue", from Brazil, but we've seen the same or similar stone from the same quarry with other names. When we found this we knew it was perfect - and we couldn't be happier with the result.

We found it at Earthtones here in the Atlanta area:


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We have 2 1/4 inches between the fridge and the ovens and don't have a single ding!

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Hi someone linked me to this thread when I was struggling with the FD frig decision to match my Elux single wall oven- they will be right next to each other. Thought I'd comment in case anyone else is in my position.

First of all Vate- GORGEOUS counters!

Meg_ma- Thank you- Also really helped to see your handles and SS right next to each other as that will be my scenario.

And if anyone is considering an Elux wall oven and the KA FD frig, I do believe that Vate's handles on her double wall oven are different than the Elux single wall oven handle. They do match the KA frig much better. If you do a search on AJ Madison of Elux double ovens, it is the Pro or Desinger style. Not offered in the Single wall oven, but I'm off to see if it is possible to switch the handle on my Elux wave touch single wall oven. Originally started questioning if I could switch the handles on the KA FD frig with the KA pro handles...so off in a new direction. But again, because I saw these pics, if I can't switch them, I'm okay with it now.

Thanks again to everyone here.

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