Have you ever lightened silver sage?

Lake_GirlJanuary 30, 2012

I want Restoration Hardware Silver Sage in a small bathroom that doesn't get much light. I thought I might have it lightened at 50%. If you lightened a paine color does it change it, or just simply lightened it? Any thought? Thanks

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Lori A. Sawaya

If you lighten or darken a color, change its dimension of value, the intensity of the chroma (or color) changes and that can also effect its overall hue. So silver sage for example could shift from a green-blue to leaning more blue. (I don't know that - just making it up for discussion sake.)

Ellen Kennon mixed Silver Sage full spectrum. She calls it H2 Ah. Full Spectrum color mixes are a good fit for low light rooms. So, that's another option.

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Can I ask, who is Ellen Kennon? Should I google her?

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Yes, you should. Her paint is wonderful.

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I love Silver Sage and I love Ellen Kennon, but H2 Ah looks blue to me in every picture I have seen. I would love to hear from anyone who's actually used it.

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Lori A. Sawaya

I have H2 Ah in my half bath. It's a pale green-blue - enough of a blue edge to keep if from being "mint". There's also a skylight in there and I live in El Paso where there's a lot of sun.... every day. But I've never seen Silver Sage that's been mixed correctly look more blue than green.

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