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kellerbendDecember 19, 2008

Has anyone had experience with paint shaver pro, the exterior paint removal tool that's advertised in OHJ and This Old House? I have purchased a 110 yr old clapboard house that has multiple layers of old paint that needs to be removed. I've read positive reviews of it but would like some additional opinions. I am concerned that it may cut into the clap board too much. If you have any opinions I'd appreciate them. Thanks

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I have one that's a few years old. I haven't used the blades much, only the sanding discs. I have 2 inch clapboard siding from 1924, with rounded bottom edges.

You have to be really careful the older the wood is, because it eats into it really fast, and the older the wood is, the more fragile. The paint shaver also doesn't do well with the rounded edges, it tends to "sharpen" them. So I'm trying to shave the flat parts, and use the Silent Paint Remover on the rounded parts. It's definitely not a fast process to take off the lead-based paint (my goal)!

Carla in Sac

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I bought one almost 15 years ago to use on my 1858 home. My house has white cedar shingles with a 12 1/2 inch exposure, so it was tricky. I renailed every shingle and then proceed to shave them. Carla is correct in saying that you need to be careful, but I found with practice that I could get it to work pretty well. You can adjust the depth of the cut so that you're actually taking off more paint and less wood. This machine would definitely work better on clapboard than shingles due to the relative straightness of calpboard as compared to shingles. Also, I purchased the sander that they sell as well, which was a mistake. It's basically a small electric grinder fitted with a sanding disc. I found it very difficult to sand and not leave marks in the wood. I purchased a Porter-Cable orbital sander, hooked it up to my shopvac, and it works exceptionally well. Hope this helps.


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