Spray painting indoors?

paintergal92January 18, 2014

I am almost finished painting my kitchen cabinets. I'm planning to reuse the hinges, but spray paint them.
Does anyone have some tips on spray painting indoors? I'm anxious to get this project done- but hate to wait until spring to spray paint outdoors!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Why wait till spring? Why are you painting the hinges?

Why are you spray painting at all?

It takes YEARS to be able to spray properly

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When I have to spray indoors, I get a very large box and spray inside the box to catch the overspray.

Another way to do it is to set the hinges on something that you can carry - like a shallow cardboard box. You set the items apart on the box, step outside, spray, then carry the box and can back in.

When I am spraying small items, I find that toothpicks are useful in keeping them in a certain position to allow the spray to hit them, and I will also rest the item on flat toothpicks so the paint doesn't stick them to the cardboard surface.

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