What to do with pork cracklings?

angelaidOctober 16, 2012

When DH picked up the pig, I told him to bring home a tub of lard. He brought home a huge bag of cracklings. I rendered out the lard, per their instructions. What do I do with the tubs of cracklings I have left?

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OK - doing internet search. These aren't like the pork rinds you see in the store. They are just little bits, actually kind of look like tubs of maggots.

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Put them into the oven to further "toast" them and render out more fat, salt and eat!
Or freeze them and put them out for the woodpeckers when the snows come.

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Use them in corn bread or eat them like popcorn.

Here is a link that might be useful: cornbread

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Thanks gals. Found this too:

My Gold Nuggets are addictive when served warm and fresh as a snack with beer, perfect for watching the game. They can also be added to beans, greens, soups, stews, eggs, or as a salad topping, mixed into cornbread batter adding a tasty crunch. Use them wherever you might add bacon. I once floated them in a cream and pumpkin soup. They. Were. Incredible.

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My Grandma used to make "cracklin' bread". I remember it was good but I haven't had it in years, and sometimes things just aren't like I remembered, LOL. It was cornbread with cracklin' pieces in it.

Be sure to let us know what you do with them. I do like the idea of putting them on soup,I was thinking butternut squash soup would be good with them, so that's along the same line as pumpkin.


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I grind it up as powder and sprinkle on soup, salad and toasts.


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