Shaker Cabinet drawer styles

Kristen HallockFebruary 15, 2013

I am definitely going with a shaker style cabinet door. Just a simple recessed panel. We will probably end up ordering from Lowes and going with Kraftmaid cabinets. Then we will install ourselves.

My question is with the drawer fronts. I like the look of the 5-piece drawer. But I dont love it as much on a very narrow drawer. I'm wondering if I could order a mix of drawer fronts? Like get the slab drawer on narrow drawers and get the 5-piece drawer on deeper/wider drawers? I've seen pictures like this on Houzz but will Kraftmaid let you do this?

My other dilemma is that they have 2 cabinet styles - one is a wider style and has a solid wood panel. The other has a narrower style and a veneer panel. I've always thought solid wood is better, but have read here recently that alot of people prefer veneer for various reasons - mostly for painted cabs. We will be going with a natural maple cabinet. Is a solid wood panel OK here? I like the 5-piece drawer on the skinnier drawers in the veneer model, since the styles are narrower. Or should I only upgrade the big pot & pan drawers to be 5-piece?

If you've gotten this far, thanks!

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I think the slab drawers mixed with 5 piece look good!


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I agree- I like the mixture of slab and 5 piece!
I can't speak to what Kraftmaid will let you do, but I am a big fan of the slab drawers on narrower drawers mixed with the 5 piece on larger drawers.
We mixed our natural cherry cabs- slab on top and 5piece below, and we like the look
Not the best pic, and it was before hardware, but this is one section of our kitchen during remodel

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sorry for the mini-hijack - labbie what is the width of your space there? It looks to be a perfect mw / coffee spot. :)

khallock-we are planning on doing the same and I have seen a fair amount on here that are mixed. We aren't far enough to have thought through dimensions yet though.

Be sure to post pics when you are finished!

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I have slab on the top row (narrower drawers) all around the kitchen and on one four-drawer stack. Everything else is 5-piece. Same thoughts as you! The narrower drawers would look too busy.

I don't know if Kraftmaid does that, but it's a good question to ask!

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I went with 5-piece even on the narrow, top drawers, but I could totllay se going with a slab for the narrow drawers. They are both good looks.

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I am one of those who did slab drawers on my shorter top drawers and 5 piece on the others. I decided to do it that way just to change things up a little not because I thought 5 piece wouldn't work on shorter drawers.
I think you should determine whether you want the wider or narrower stiles and rails and then decide if the price of the upgrade is within your budget. There were some recent posts regarding width of stiles and rails. In case you did not see it. The link is below.
Here is a picture of some of my drawers. They are a little unconventional because I used several different size pulls depending on the width of my drawers. Also I put my pulls on the rails for my 5 piece drawers and unlike most who have flat panel drawers I put the pull on those drawers near the top (where the rail would have been) instead of in the middle of the panel.

Here is a link that might be useful: How wide are your Shaker rails.

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