FPE or F&B for cast iron tub feet?

swedishchickenJanuary 25, 2013

My cast iron double slipper clawfoot bathtub has been removed from the bathroom for a mass gut and new tile installation. It has chrome plated lions paw cast iron feet that I've grown tired of and am thinking of painting them. I'm a huge fan of both Fine Paints of Europe as well as Farrow and Ball and have a number of colors from both companies, including primers.

Has anyone used either of these paints for this purpose? Is one or the other substantially better for this use? I am considering a white as the tub is white and the tile is white subway and carrara marble on the floor, though I also have a pale blue gray that would work too. I wonder if that would look odd though.. I need to get them painted asap so the paint can dry thoroughly before the tub re-installation. All thoughts appreciated. :)

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I can't speak to the process of doing this but I will voice my opinion that the white feet with the tub would be too much white. I'd vote for the blue/gray. I think that would look nice with your marble.

I have a new clawfoot tub that has bright shiny feet that I'm not fond of but I've decided I'm going to like them :)
If you decide to do this please post how it turns out.


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For painting over chrome, prep will be important. You need to scuff them up and maybe use an epoxy primer. Then any kind of oil enamel would be fine. The proper prep will ensure the paint doesn't peel.

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susiemw, congratulations on your new tub! I like the shiny feet and maybe they'll look different on a marble floor than they did on a wood one. It's why I just lived with them before jumping the gun and busting out the paint which is my natural tendency. It's too much white, I think you're right. I'm really nervous about starting this work on the tub and am wondering if my hesitation should be listened to as a sign that it's a bad idea. I'll post photos if I do anything to the tub and appreciate the advice about prepping them too. Thanks very much.

Casey, I saw your bathroom photos while doing some searches on GW and think you did an incredible job. It's just gorgeous. You're very talented. :)

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Thanks, I know. I'm a legend in my own mind. :)

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lol. Yes it is a beauty of fine craftmanship and vision!

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