Help! Painter switched brands and colour matched Owl Gray

cinjosJanuary 6, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate some expertise. I have always painted my house with Benjamin Moore paint and painstakingly chose the right gray (Owl Gray) for my main floor reno.

When I got home today, I found that the paint had a green tint to it that I never saw before on the sample boards I painted. It was not the soft, pretty gray I had chosen.

I went to check the paint, and found that they used Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 and it was "Custom Manual Match"ed to the Owl Gray, instead of using the BM I ordered.

They also did not prime - they are painting it right on top of my old coffee cream colour.

Obviously, I will make them correct all this and do it again with the Benjamin Moore paint I asked for, but I am questioning the colour choice now. Should I wait and see until the right paint is used or is the green tint something I just missed before and will be there even with the right paint?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

No need to prime and Promar 200 is a far cry from BM( Regal?). If they "manually" matched it, they did not get it right.

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I have been told by my local paint store that there will be some color difference between brands of paint, despite "color matching", whether manually or by computer. Every manufacturer has a different base formulation. They will be close, but will never be exact.

If you specified Benjamin Moore paint I would be livid about the painters using Sherwin Williams. I know there are a lot of Sherwin Williams fans out there, but I hate their paint. It was the worse stuff ever put on by our builder in our previous home. The Everclean they had at the time was "neverclean". Their highest end semi gloss roped.

I've had great experience with Benjamin Moore paints and never once has their high end semi gloss roped. I understand roping can be caused by certain weather conditions, but that was not the case in our instance.

In my opinion, Benjamin Moore has a softer essence in their colors.

Many people do not prime before repainting, but you will get a nicer paint job if that step is taken at this point. The only time I don't is when I'm using the same brand paint over the existing paint, and using the same color. Our experience when going over the Sherwin Williams paint is that we had to use a primer first.

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If your contract doesn't specify a specific brand to use, they're free to use whatever they want. Some painters just use the brand that the chip is from....
Others have it matched into a line they're just "used-to", and/or get a discount on from their chosen store.

This is just an unfortunate fact of the re-painting industry.

In my 12 years of Retail, I've gotten damn good at tweaking colors/matches. I get many compliments on my matching!
>>>> BUT- we always tell people that EXACT simply isn't possible. We're an upscale-independent store, and handle good lines paint, including C2.


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It does sound from your post that you had specifically specified Benjamin Moore paint. Perhaps you did not get that specific brand in writing, BUT it sure sounds like you did specifically tell them what brand you wanted. It is your home, you are hiring them, you are the boss, and they had absolutely no right putting a paint on your walls other than what you asked for. So no, they are not free to use whatever they want, unless you said you didn't care what was used.

Personally I am sick and tired of people who feel they have a right to dictate to the home owner, or basically ignore what the homeowner wants and do not follow instructions. I no longer hire anyone with that kind of attitude, and I've gotten really good at picking up on it. Those that are courteous, do exactly as I ask, take care of any issues that arise, are paid very well by me.

I am in the process of selecting primer and paint for my home and I did see that the Benjamin Moore website says their colors cannot be duplicated, so you will have differences. I don't like Sherwin Williams paint and always felt their colors have a muddy tone to them.

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I absolutely specified the brand and was made to sign a form by the GC to that effect. I have fired the painters, but they are still claiming that I owe them for the Benjamin Moore paint they say they bought (but didn't use). I have decided to change the colour and don't have any intention of paying them for the wrong paint! Had I chosen to change the colour after they bought the right paint, I would definitely have done so.

sandy808 - I completely agree. We are doing a large renovation of our main floor. We have gone with only top notch people and have paid top dollar for everything. I shouldn't have to babysit someone doing his job.

Thanks for your support - I'll let you know what happens...

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Good luck. I sympathize with your plight. I often run into similar "pro" problems.

btw, I was recently at my BM dealer and was discussing getting 1 quart vs, 2 quarts (or a gallon) for a bathroom I was doing. I asked "if I get a quart now and then decide I need a 2nd quart, what are the chances the 2nd quart will be 100% exact? and here or another BM dealer? i.e. am I safer to get a gallon now if I *might* need 2 quarts. (big $ difference obviously - Aura bath & spa). (not to mention the old school technology of mixing 2 quarts in advance to ensure consistency)

His reply was that now that BM dealers all have the new computer setup, a given color formula will ALWAYS be an exact match of a previous match. There is no human intervention so no chance for variance. (sad that robots are more precise than humans).

That reinforces my BM loyalty. (Not to say that SW doesn't have similar technology...but I know BM does)

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speaking of sample boards.... I have noticed that even though I do them (gazillion years worth of samples in the basement to attest to that), putting the actual paint on the wall does give me a different take on it. I thought the beige I just selected was just the right shade of beige, pretty clean, just a hint of taupe -- Affinity Kangaroo. But after it was on the wall, lo and behold I see pink undertones. Just barely and only sometimes, so it's fine and I like the color. But it does reinforce that it is not so easy picking the perfect color!!

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Good luck with getting your home painted. It will all work out in the end but it sure is stressful sometimes.

Yes, picking the right color can be difficult. I found an interior shade years ago (Milkyway) that I absolutely love. I did think about changing slightly this time around but stayed with my old tried and true.

The dealer I went to today does not have the new system yet, but I wanted to stay with the Regal Classic anyway so it was no problem. They did tell me where I could go if I wanted the Aura. It was tempting to try something new, but in the end I decided to stay with The Regal Eggshell I was familiar with. I'm sure by the time I need to repaint the Regal may no longer be available and I'll be branching out.

I am doing the painting myself.

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but in the end I decided to stay with The Regal Eggshell I was familiar with.

I also wanted eggshell like always, but the Bath&Spa only comes in Matte. I ended up loving matte and will consider it in the future for non-bathrooms too. However, I would only do matte in Aura so it has the durability and washability that most flats/mattes don't have.

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"hey are still claiming that I owe them for the Benjamin Moore paint they say they bought (but didn't use)."

They should have receipts and empty cans or full cans, right?

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" However, I would only do matte in Aura so it has the durability and washability that most flats/mattes don't have. "

I have been told that Regal can be "scrubbed" as much as Aura.

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> I have been told that Regal can be "scrubbed" as much as Aura.

Even matte? Mostly I consider eggshell and higher sheens add to washability.

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I'll tell you that you can't match one brand of paint to another. The tint bases between manufacturer's will always be different: Either a bit warm, cool, etc. Who ever says they can 'match' another paint color - well that matched color will be a little more blue, or yellow, or pink, or green, etc.

I'd tell those painters to take a long walk, on a short pier!

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Here is reference to a poster here who has used it. They are chefs so hard, heavy use. The paint store told me the same.

You might ask if this is the Classic or Select version, but I have read the new Select is even better. Can't always believe what you hear though.

' Posted by trailrunner (My Page) on
Tue, Apr 23, 13 at 9:53

I don't have a 60' Wolf but I do have a 36' Caldera gas cooktop. We do a LOT of high heat wok cooking and also have a Miele built in deep fat fryer. We use all of this frequently and have done so for 7 years. We have no backsplash. Only paint on sheetrock. There has been no change at all in the quality of the painted wall since it was installed 7 yrs ago. I have BM Regal Matte paint that is scrubbable after 30 days. I regularly scrub it with a soapy dishcloth. There is no reason that you too can't have a painted backsplash . I have it throughout my kitchen. Here is only one of 100's of pics. You can see more in the albums of you click on the pic. Good Luck .c


Here is a link that might be useful: regal matte

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