Painting son's room w/ two colors

grullablueJanuary 28, 2011

We would like to do an overhaul for my 8 year old son's room. He's had some ideas....but I didn't want to do something that he would outgrow in a we finally came to an agreement. We'll use the two colors of his favorite NFL team, of which he has been a diehard fan for years already! As far as decorations to match, he already has more than he knows what to do with, that's for sure...

His bedroom (about 12x12) is located in a corner of our house, so there are two windows... at first I had considered alternating walls of each color...then I had considered having the two walls with windows one color, and the other two another. Or, just having all the walls one color...and perhaps painting some of the furniture in there (shelves, etc) the other color. What would you suggest? It's sure hard for me to picture without seeing it....and I just don't know how much would be TOO much, you know?

(We are in WI, and are Packer green and gold are the colors...)



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There's a great page that will help you decide the color combinations and what shades to use.

Also, make sure you get testers and try them on the walls in small patches first. With the amount of natural light pouring in, you have to make sure that the color is to your liking at different times of day or night...good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: Color Schemes

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Thanks for the info...I'll check out the link you sent!

Since it's my son's's not going to be what I like so's all for him, and it's green and gold for his beloved Packers...I've ok'd matter what it's gonna look like. Means a lot to him!

I saw that Home Depot/Glidden Paints sells NFL I'm going to go check that out! This is a project I plan to start mid February...he's having a birthday party, then I'll start making a mess after that's over! I've been thinking further...and now considered too just painting all of the walls gold, with one green accent wall (the wall with the two doors, the entry and closet). I actually made a little drawing on the computer to show....I'll include it here. I could then use green accents on the gold walls.... I have so many options on where to use these two colors, or just go with one... but just not sure which one I want to go with. Off to look at your link!! Thanks!

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shoot...I hoped I'd have more input. I'm still debating. I'm going to start gutting his room next week in preparation....but not armed with the plan yet....

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You will probably get more comments and suggestions if you post on the Home Decorating forum. This forum is more about the technical aspects of paint and painting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorating forum

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