Carrara Marble or not??

marioncohen1February 8, 2013

I got a sample of the new Ceaserstone product due to come out this month called Frosty Carrina (5141). I heard it would be a good altnernative to the Carrara Marble that I love but I am not thrilled with the look. Its very nice but when I hold it next to the Carrara Marble it does not do it justice. Can some of you out there that have Carrara Marble tell me what your thoughts are of it and if you would do it again? I am italian so cook a lot of sauce and drink some red wine.... Thanks

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This topic has been addressed numerous times on here. The best way to search these boards is to go to google and type your search term (ie carrara marble) followed by

I think it has also been established that none of the quartz marble look-alikes really stand up to true marble. They are each very attractive in their own respect and approximate the look of marble but they are not dead ringers and will not be confused when side to side with real marble.

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Here is a thread you might want to look at to get you started. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble owners would you do it again?

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