Paintable Wallpaper

glittergirl_txJanuary 1, 2012

Has anyone used the paintable wallpaper and if so what was your experience? We're remodeling a master bath and need small spots of sheetrock repaired in multiple places so instead of having them retexture the entire room we were pondering using the paintable wallpaper...Decisions... decisions! Thanks!!

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You say you need to repair small spots of drywall - are you saying that the drywall needs to be taken out completely in these spots, or can these spots be repaired and re-textured? What type of damage is it? Ripped drywall paper?... holes? Either one of these issues are very easy fixes.

I have never been a fan of paintable wallpaper - with me it's either painted or papered - never both.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Wall paper in a hot steamy bath is never a good idea

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Thanks guys!! What were we thinking?? We haven't scrimped thus far on our master bath remodel and we don't want to start now. We will have the walls patched and retextured even though it'll take more time and $$. Oh well, the cost to have things done right. :)

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