Best Primer and Ceiling Paint for Smelly Old House

bosspaigeJanuary 6, 2010

I am moving into an older home that has a lovely smell combination of cigarette smoke and cats (lovely I know). I am ripping out all the carpeting, am going to take down all the wallpaper and repaint the ceilings. Several people have said Kilz Primer is the best. I have read to clean the ceilings with TSP solution and some have said scrubbing bubbles.

My question is, is Kilz the best primer to cover the smell (after I wash and dry the ceilings)? And is there a "better" ceiling white paint than others. Thanks!

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Smoke, Cats, & wallpaper removal...Oh my!!!!

Forget the Kilz!!!
BIN-primer from Zinsser is the only choice here.
* It's a Shellac-based primer in an alcohol base.
* Lotsa apartment cleaners, etc. have to use this primer 'cuz it's the only thing that'll block cat urine, smoke, etc.
* Fire-restoration contractors use it as well.
* Apply 2 good coats.

Yes...TSP all very well, then RINSE VERY WELL... 2 or 3 times...let dry.

Just buy a good top-line variety.
* We've got C2's LOVO ceiling-paint, L8150 in our house...~$20/gal @ C2 dealers.
* We also sell a ton of ACE-Royal ceiling-paint...$19.99/gal.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

What he said!

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Fwiw I when I got all the stinky smokey wallpaper out, the house smelled fine. We stripped the last bit the day after thanksgiving, and man, the smell of that wet wallpaper while we stripped it. I felt like I was rolling in wet cigarette butts all day. Prolly the only thanksgiving weekend I ever lost weight--who could eat with that smell?

So, I think you will find things MUCH improved after you get that wallpaper out.

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Aaaghhh, cat smell. Once you've got the carpet out, check the subfloor well for stains or smelly spots. We had to replace plywood subfloor in three spots in our last house to get rid of odor from former owner's cats. Best of luck with your project!

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