Oh woe is me!! behr hi-gloss latex

jfrosenbergJanuary 3, 2012

I have a red semi-gloss small bathroom that I'm repainting in a deeper red using high gloss. I washed the walls, sanded, and put on one coat (so far) of a Behr High Gloss red.

I used the technigue of cutting in the edges and then rolling the rest of the wall but I've gotten horrible overlap and brush marks. I'm going to put on another coat (after I sand with 600) but have a couple of questions:

1. If I need a third coat, I won't have enough paint. Should I buy another can of Behr or should I do the final coat with a better brand (BM Advance?), using a close color. Will I be defeating the whole idea of getting a deep saturated color and have to put 2 coats on of the new color?

2. Should I cut in edges or paint the whole wall with a brush to get more even coverage?

3. Can I, should I use Floetrol on walls?

4. I used a low nap roller but think even that was too deep/thick. If I use a roller, what kind should I be using?

All I want is a shocking red, glossy wall. I'm not too concerned with bumps or imperfections showing as it's an old house. I did the best I could with sanding the surface.


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You are probably going to have issues with brush marks for 2 reasons. One, it's Behr and two, it's high gloss latex. High gloss latex paints are really not user friendly in any brand, but especially with Behr. I can guess it isn't covering that well either and also that three or four or seven coats may not be enough for full coverage. If you switch brands midway through the project, one companys paint may not look good on top of anothers and you may need to apply two coats of the new brand of paint. Don't paint walls with a brush. Roll as much as you can and roll as tight as you can to trim and ceiling. Yes, Floetrol is fine for wall paint. 3/8" nap is what you should be using.

If it were my bathroom, I would use BM Aura in semi gloss at the most. High gloss is too much sheen for any application in my opinion. Semi gloss has plenty of shine and it's not a pain to apply.

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Great reply by paintguy.

Behr interior paint is worse than terrible, and creates all kinds of disasters.

BM on the other hand, I can't attest to that. Realizing that interest rates are really low, I have NEVER used it.... I just don't want to take out a second mortgage to use their paint :)

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Hi I just painted 2 big accent walls in Chocolate Sparkle byBehr I also have not been a huge fan of Behr but I had to get paint from home depot and I tried there superior with the primer in it.. And I have to say I was so impressed! My friend who is painter and who generally uses BM was also very pleased with the results ! The color I chose was dark and I've never done a dark color but 2 coats of this paint and it was perfect! It went on beautiful ! And trust me you don't need to much gloss especially on not the best walls ! And just so you know you can bring any colorchip to any paint store and they can match it no matter if it is the same brand. I have pretty much all BM colors in my home but all different brands of paint.Maybe try the Behr with the primer so at least it is the same brand.. And like the last poster said Roll Roll as much as you can. My absolute favorite brush is purdee 1 1/2 angle. Its the best for edging haven't taped ever since getting the advice of that brush. Good luck!

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I am in no way a paint expert, but I did paint my small, (10x12) den a deep dark red. I used satin finish latex on the old "sanded paint" textured walls.

I primed the walls with a dark grey primer, and then started painting. I cut in with a brush and used a roller. The first five coats looked terrible. The sixth coat began looking nice and the seventh coat was perfect.

For each of the seven coats, I cut in the edges and corners with a brush and rolled each coat on.

It was a lot of work, but the finished walls are gorgeous. I would have kept painting it red even if it took 16 coats.

It's my favorite room in the entire house.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

primed the walls with a dark grey primer, and then started painting. I cut in with a brush and used a roller. The first five coats looked terrible. The sixth coat began looking nice and the seventh coat was perfect.

Ben Moore ,Aura, i coat primer, 2 coats paint, done.

7 coats of paint = cheap Big Box paint

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7 coats....Holy-Moly....

As Chrisn said/paraphrasing here-
"Top-notch paints = 2 coats = DONE"!!

Even an FPE paint here, @ $110/gal., would've saved time, frustration, and $$$!!!

I DO worry a little about the OP's paint thickness now, and whether or not it may be prone to cracking if all coats weren't sufficiently dry....


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Lori A. Sawaya

Any paint color or brand that requires more than 2 coats (maybe 3 if you don't nail the primer color) is nothing less than a crime in the year 2012.

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