Anyone heard of ColorQuartz brand of quartz?

EmilyFebruary 27, 2013

Hi, I am posting this in kitchens because it gets so much traffic but I am planning on doing a white quartz countertop and tub deck in my master bath renovation. I was planning on using Casearstone pure white but just found out the fabricator I want to use no longer can get casearstone. They now carry a line called ColorQuartz, and have a color called frost white which is very similar to pure white. I have never heard of this company before. It looks like in their website it has just become available in the Midwest where I live. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!

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I just looked at it as well (I'm also in the Midwest). The fabricator was definitely trying to nudge me in that direction over Caesarstone although between the Colorquartz colors I was looking at and the Caesarstone, the price was only $50 different for the entire kitchen. I sort of got the feeling that Caesarstone may be more difficult to work with (as a company, not that the material is any different). I did do a little research on them and I can't remember specifically what I found other than that it was nothing that concerned me or would have made me not pick them. I just ended up getting Caesarstone because I happened to like that color better. It had all the same warranties (if you want to call them that) that most of the quartz manufacturers have.

Edited to add: It seemed to me that the ColorQuartz colors were positioned to be VERY similar to many in the Caesarstone palette. For instance, I was looking at one with larger particulates that was extremely similar to Caesarstone's Nougat. And CQ's Paloma White was quite similar to CS's Eggshell, although Eggshell was a bit darker.

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Bumping this up, I am thinking of going with ColorQuartz Venatino and was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with it. I haven't found much about it online. I did find this pic that I can share.

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Interesting. I too am in the midwest and just picked up a brochure for ColorQuartz. We have yet to choose our countertop but our fabricator has used them before with no issues.

wi-sailor: KD said exactly that - they patterned their colors very close to Caesarstone and in fact he said that they make the quartz for Caesarstone so started doing it and marketing it for themselves or something along those lines?

Anyone else heard that one?

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I would try to find out where it's made and if they use Breton technology. Their "About Us" section is conveniently under construction. It's "designed in California". I hate when companies make claims like that, hoping the customer will think it's made in the U.S. It usually means it's made in China.

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I just came a across this thread and thought I'd add to it. My builder offers a few standard choices of granite and quartz, and one of them is this ColorQuartz brand in the color Paradise Cove. I selected it for my kids bathroom. It may end up being the only location in our house that I use this product, but when I meet with the designer I'll ask her more about it.

(another Midwesterner)

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It took a little digging but it is made in China. Don't know if they use Breton technology.

"KD said exactly that - they patterned their colors very close to Caesarstone and in fact he said that they make the quartz for Caesarstone so started doing it and marketing it for themselves or something along those lines?"

Autumn, I'd want to run from that KD! Caesarstone was the first to use the Breton technology and market quartz products. All the other manufacturers who were the pioneers of quartz surfaces use Breton, so that's why you hear the claim that all quartz is the same. Now some of the Asian companies are making quartz cheaper. If the Chinese use their own technology instead of the Breton technology, and with their history of "consumer protection", who can guarantee what went into the manufacture of Colorquartz? I've been told that one difference is they don't cure their quartz like the other companies. But I will guarantee you that Colorquartz never made quartz for Caesarstone!

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I would like to bump this thread again, in hopes one of the fabricators has some more info on this brand and if they use Breton technology.

We selected countertops today, and my first choice, Cesarstone organic white, didn't come in the slab size I needed for my island.....This Color Quartz brand had a color almost identical to the Organic White (called Fiji White) that did have come in a large enough slab for what i needed.

anyone have any more info please?

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matt_89 of the better ways to verify if a quartz company is using Breton technology is to look at the percentage of quartz going into the slab and also the weight of the slab.

Colorquartz website has the technical details of their slabs...88% quartz is used to manufacture and they say nothing about breton technolgy.

companies like Caesarstone, Cimstone, Hanstone and other Breton certified quartz manufactures use 93% quartz to manufacture. You can also e-mail Breton in italy and ask them for a list of licensed manufactures...they have it readily available.

Cimstone is a brand to look at for colors similar to caesarstone that is also manufactured using breton technology. Highly recommended if available in your area!

good luck!

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I'm using venatino from colorquartz in my bathrooms and the colorquartz concrete in my kitchen. It is from china, but I don't care. It's significantly cheaper and I cannot see a difference. What is going to happen to them without "bremon technology"? Are they going to disintegrate? I don't need my counters to last through a nuclear winter or even more than 20 years-- I'll prob want to change by I don't understand the big issue people make about the possible "quality difference". It is warrantied the same and I'm not willing to pay more for ceasarstone.

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