Need to repair drywall tape on ceiling and other ceiling paint ?s

christineJanuary 11, 2007

We have a corner in the tray ceiling in our bedroom where the drywall tape is lifting just a tad. I have absolutely NO idea how to fix this prior to painting. It isn't really peeling, the corner has lifted just a bit. How do I repair this?

Also - do I use a flat on the ceiling? We're planning on painting the tray the same color as the ceiling.

I saw someone reference a method for painting ceilings Michael had described, but I wasn't able to find his post actually describing it. If anyone (or Michael himself!) could repost that, I would really appreciate it.

I would appreciate any ceiling painting tips as this is our first time doing a ceiling. Any special tools we should get? Techniques? Etc...


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Hello Christine,

>> Pretty easy fix for the tape:
* Get a small tub of vinyl spackling compound or "joint cement".
* Gently lift the tape, and put just a tiny bit of "mud" onto the wall with a narrow putty knife. A thin "see-thru" layer is fine.
* Next, use a wider (4"-6") knife and spread an even layer on top of the tape to "set" the tape into the wall mud. Use LIGHT pressure at the wall-corner! Ya don't wanna tear into the corner tape.
* Object here is to have a seamless application of mud over this tape area. After it's dry, LIGHTLY "feather-sand" your patch with a 220-grit sanding sponge.
* Vacuum off the dust from area, prime (1 coat) and paint (2 coats!!).

The most common is FLAT on ceilings...usually because people don't want sheen from lamps, etc. on a ceiling. However, Eggshell is a nice choice too. Very subtle sheen (depending on brand!!).

TOOLS: Use the best brushes/roller-covers you can buy.
* Get a nice stiff roller-frame...$5-$10 for a good one.
* Buy/borrow a STIFF pole!! Painting overhead with a "bendy" pole/roller-frame is a PITA!
* Use a 3/4" or maybe 1" nap for popcorn ceilings...3/8" or 1/2" for smooth surfaces.


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