Funcolors-Have decided on a color, but what finish

sis2twoJanuary 30, 2013

Hi Funcolors! Finally, I've settled on Citrine by Ellen Kennon for my kitchen. Thank goodness that's behind me and I can move on! I remember that you had suggested that I use an eggshell finish for the kitchen. I am wondering if the eggshell can easily be touched up if need be. My cabinets will be reinstalled after the kitchen is painted and I worry about touch-ups that may have to be done. The bottom half of our walls are white beadboard. What would you suggest? As always, thank you so much for your help.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Touching up LifeMaster Eggshell is like touching up the mattes that are popular now, i.e. Aura. Here's how I do it. I take a little bit of paint and add a few drops of water - just a few. Mix well to thin the paint. Then I dampen a small sponge brush and use to to apply thin coats. Horizontal and vertical - not all the same direction. It dries fast because the coats are thin. Better to do multiple thin coats on the spot than one or two thick.

No matter what finish, even flat, if the light hits it right, you'll see it. Doing multiple directions can help diffuse and hide.

Good luck with everything - glad you have your color.

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