Can a hip roof be converted to a gambrel?

four_squareDecember 27, 2007

Does anyone know if a hip roof can be converted to a gambrel? We need more space and are considering converting our foursquare's attic to living space. This is a 26' x 28' 2 story house. Stairs are already in place from 2nd floor to attic, but headroom is dicey on the way up. Our house seemed large when we moved in, but now with 2 6-year-olds, who will one day be over 6' as their dad, we're feeling a might crowded these days. Currently a 6-footer can stand upright within a 4-foot radius of the attic center. The highest point is about 7 feet. The current roof angle is 8 over 12. I considered a simple gabled roof, but would not gain enough walkable floor space to be worth the expense. Side dormers of some style would be desirable also, one for the stairway headroom, one for the view of the river.


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Of course, it could, but you would be saving nothing of the existing roof. The framing would be all new, and you would in all likelihood need to move out for a while.

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Casey is right. Unfortunately you cannot simply bump up one section of the roof, the whole roof would need to be replaced.
It would be easier and cheaper to add on.

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