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obrionusaJanuary 31, 2012

I just got done lightly sanding some knotty wood pine that is half way up on my kithen walls. The finish is polyurethane and some light stain. The rest of the walls are drywall. I flled the nail holes and minor imperfections with joint compound. Is there a primer I can use for both the knotty pine and the drywall so I only have one mess to clean up? I have pva primer/sealer, high hiding latex and multi purpose oil. I would rather not use the oil. The finish is pro-mar 200 eggshell.

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NONE of your above!!

Get some Zinsser Bullseye-123 Latex primer.
Many stores have this.
DO NOT use the cheap PVA/Drywall-only primers.
Even better...if you're near a C2 retailer, get their C2-One primer. Both 123 & the C2 are ~$20/gal. avg.

Apply a good/full coat of 123, and you're good-to-go!


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BIN primer, or some other alcohol based shellac primer is the only thing I know that will keep the knots from eventually bleeding through. I find that stained & polyed surfaces usually have at least some bleed through if you use just latex primer.

My minimum recommendation is to BIN the knots and any visible sap streaks, preferably twice. Then once the knots are binned, apply Zinsser 1-2-3 as Faron suggested. If you get bleeding anywhere through the 1-2-3, Bin the whole thing before topcoating with good acrylic paint.

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If her "Poly" layer is still intact, that should be good 98% of the time for not allowing bleed-through.

But no....the BIN isn't a wrong choice either, for the knots only of course.
Just a lot smellier!


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