problem with painting ceiling

stonequeenJanuary 15, 2012

Okay, so I think I did everything wrong - please help me fix it. I have ceiling tile in the basement that the previous owner glued to whatever is above it(don't ask), so I needed to paint them and they have old stains. I used Kilz, but didn't realize I had picked up a can of oi-based paint. Then I used latex ceiling white that was pink-tinted so I could see what I was doing. So now the areas that I painted with Kilz are darker than the rest of the ceiling. Help!!

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This can probably be fixed by applying another coat of the ceiling paint.

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For me, one coat of paint is never enough. As paintguy has written, do a second coat of the ceiling paint.

In my opinion, the oil-based Kilz primer was the correct product to use. If the stains were really bad, maybe you should have used a second coat of the primer. Which leads me to ask the experts on your behalf, would it be better to hit those spots again with primer before the second coat of paint?

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Thank you both for your feedback. I have already done a second coat, and the Kilz areas are still darker. I was wondering if this is a problem with the pink tint, and was thinking about trying some regular ceiling white that I have. Any thoughts?

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Are the Kilz areas darker because the stain is showing through, or because the new paint looks different on the primed and unprimed areas? You could prime the entire ceiling (not with oil base) and then repaint (ugh) or you could try the regular ceiling white in just the relevant spots to see if it acts differently than the pinkish white.

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I doubt the pink tint has anything to do with this.

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My ceiling is messed up from a "painter" spot priming. My plan is to prime the entire ceiling with and oil-based primer and repaint. I don't know what else to do myself. There's nothing worse than repainting only to see those dark areas show up AGAIN!

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(I like that name!)

I'm assuming from your first post that you used the Oil-based PRIMER from Kilz?
It's fine if you used that, but now you're seeing the "Effects" of spot-priming on an overhead horizontal surface!

If I was doing this ceiling of yours at THIS stage, I'd haul out the Gardz primer from Zinsser. This will seal everything off evenly. If that ceiling is REALLY porous stuff, do 2 coats of Gardz.
* The Gardz is kinda like rolling on "whiteish-clear" Skim-milk!
* It's a LOT more pleasant to be around than that Oil-Kilz stuff!!!
* Now you won't have any uneven porosity, so your Ceiling-paint will look perfectly even....assuming good application technique!


Here is a link that might be useful: Zinsser Gardz primer info....

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Faron, The idea is sound but with the Gardz being clear, I have seen what is under it show through. I would prime the whole mess with 123 and start over.

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I hear ya Chrisn-

123 is a good idea too.


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