Gutters for a metal roof

rexgDecember 30, 2008

I have a home with a metal roof that overhangs by about 3 inches. It has a 5/12 slope and I want to install a gutter that will handle the rainwater shed off it. I also need to install some type of gutter with a screen to handle a lot of leaves in the fall. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have contacted a couple of local gutter companies but they said their gutters would not work well with a metal roof with a 3 inch overhang, they said the rain would overshot the gutter. He said that metal roofs do not slow the rain down like a regular shingles and the 3 inch overhang was to much with a normal 5 inch gutter. He did suggest a commerical box style gutter at least 6-8 inches wide but I'm not sure that will look right. Any ideas?

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You could trim the the overhang shorter.

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Use brackets to put the gutter in the right place. It's a good idea to separate the gutter from the roof edge anyway. It sounds like a half round would not have enough capacity so you might be stuck with a box gutter. The first step is to calculate the volume of water instead of guessing.

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They make gutter hangers that attach to the surface of the roof. They are either screwed on with washer-head screws, or the nails are soldered-over (or capped by soldered-on strips of metal). These only work where there is wood sheathing under the metal, and from your question its not perfectly clear that this is so.

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Hanging gutters are generally half-round and hold less water for a given width than box/K gutters. Check the volume needed first.

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