painting over a stained wall?

abbey_cnyDecember 20, 2010

I have a not too terribly old home (1950) that I love. What I don't love is the color in one of the rooms. While most of the walls are plaster, there is a wall in the living room that the fire place is on which is made up of stained wooden planks. The molding and the beams in this room are also stained the same color, sort of an unattractive orange-red. I would very much like to change this color, and figure painting is easier than trying to strip and stain everything a different color. This wood is slightly glossy. I am guessing I would need to sand it thoroughly first and then prime and paint? Has anyone painted something like this before? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.


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Taking gloss off the wood 1st - with some sanding fine grit will do - vacuum, wipe
Then a good stain killing primer -
then 2 coats of paint -

Do you plan on doing all the wood work?

Here is a link that might be useful: painting over stained wood

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Sanding is a must. Not only would I vacuum it afterwards but use a tack cloth on it too. Tact cloths are made to get the tiny bits off the wall. You can find them at most places that sell paint and hardware.

Prime with a primer of good quality and if you know what color you are going to paint the wall afterwards ask that the primer be tinted that color. It makes painting it much easier if you have lots of grooves or pitting to cover up.

Make sure the nap of the roller is the correct one for the surfaces you are painting it makes a huge difference in the final outcome.

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If you don't like the wood wall, you could also drywall right over it. Probably faster than all the wood prep.

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If you don't like the wood wall, you could also drywall right over it.

If you do that, perhaps 30-40 years from now, someone else will discover that hidden wall and cheer as he or she rips the drywall off!

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thanks for all of the advice, and lol at Davidr. I had thought of drywall but never thought of the next set of owners cheering as they removed it. Next step is to investigate possible paint colors and decide how ready I am to tackle this job. Thanks again :)


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