Chicken S-Oops!

moosemacOctober 7, 2012

Friday morning I was looking for something to take to work for lunch. I tend to be very frugal and try to use up leftovers. In the fridge was a about a quarter cup of diced chicken, some left over sauteed mushrooms and a bit of chicken stock. I plopped the above ingredients in a saucepan, threw in a bit of raw rice, a splash of dry vermouth and some roasted garlic and let it simmer while I got ready for work.

When I went to put the soup in a container, I noticed the soup was a little dry so I dug into the freezer for some chicken "juice" or stock, "juice" being the beautiful liquid on the bottom of a pan after roasting chicken. I distinguish between juice and stock because I like juice to flavor rice and stock for soups. Juice is usually a smaller quantity package so for this quick soup I figured I'd just grab a small package to add to the luscious soup.

Here's the oops to the soup. In my rush, I grabbed a bag that was labeled juice but I did not internalize the first word on the bag and made the assumption since it was golden yellow, it was chicken juice. Nope. Unaware, I grabbed pineapple juice, tossed it in the soup and headed to work. Lunch time came and I heated the soup, salivating over the delicious lunch I was about to consume. One bite and I knew something was drastically wrong! OMG it was disgusting! Pineapple juice, dry vermouth, garlic and chicken are NOT a good combination.

Did I mention I keep a bar of dark chocolate in my desk and it was Friday??? Whew, lunch was saved!

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Sweet and sour chicken?......

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Ha, Sweet and sour chicken soup, I like that mom47!

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I would think that it is a mistake to label chicken stock as "juice" - at least without the word "chicken" in front of the word "juice". I store juice and stock on different shelves in the freezer, but I label stock with the type of stock it is as well as the date I make it. I've never heard of storing pineapple juice in a bag in the freezer - I keep it in the fridge and use it up before it goes bad.


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I often make a chicken salad, with onions, celery and pineapple bits....and I also will make a "thing" with leftover chicken, mushrooms, celery, slivered almonds and pineapple bits in a white sauce to serve over rice. It sounds wonderful to me!

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Of such mistakes, are discoveries made.

I sometimes think we should make one incongruous, random, bizarre food combination a week. How else will we invent new dishes?

This week, how about beets + ice cream?

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I do like sweet and sour chicken, but I'm not sure that would translate well into soup, LOL.

If it helps, I opened an unlabelled pint jar of what I thought was chicken broth last week. It was homecanned white grape juice, I'm glad I tasted THAT...

John, I think beet ice cream might be good. They made ice cream with avocados and garlic, nuts, herbs (mint is an herb, you know). Beets are naturally sweet and I have a chocolate cake recipe that calls for beets, so it might be pretty good, plus a very pretty color.


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That's what I was thinking, um Hawaiian Chicken? No? I would've eaten the bar instead too.

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You can have my share of beet ice cream...I'll have my beets either buttered or pickled.

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