Amazing Old house! What do you think?

sabannahDecember 17, 2008

Hi, I posted on gardenweb in the home building forum as my husband and I are planning on building a new house. Then I came across this home for sale. This house was built in 1906 and is currently being used as a group home. There are a lot of drywall walls that have to come down. They were put up to make extra rooms. I posted about 190 pictures of details of the house. If anyone wants to take a look this house it's eye candy. So much of the original detailing of the home is still in great condition. I would love to hear comments anyone has on the house. Thanks so much

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Very nice. I have an 1891 Colonial Revival in the Boston area similar to yours but with classical Corinthian pilasters on the corners. Where are you located?

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What a beautiful home...what detail. Love the main stairway and that arch...and the details in the sink...good's gorgeous!!!

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An amazing house, in the "free classic" style (Queen Anne Victorian meets classical revival). It would make quite a project.

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Where are you located?

The house is at 236 High Street, Monroe, New York

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Sima, great house, huge project. But the finished product would be phenomenal. I may be taking on a similar project, although I'm not sure it's as extensive as yours, but I'll post pictures on Facebook and friend you with them. We can compare notes as we go. Good luck.


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I just noticed the "Estimated Annual Taxes are $24,534.00"!

Here, the annual property taxes would be a third at most.

You can buy a lot of restoration for the difference.

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Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Its very beautiful! You are right its a gem in the old details intact department. Thw windows and the fixtures are amazing.
Its too bad the front porch rails got replaced as now the older lower ones (designed to be level with the bottom of the windows for a nicer look from the street) can't be grandfathered in. It looks like the back ones may be original.
It must be a huge place with a lot of land to have taxes like that. Good luck on an amazing project.

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Looks like it might have, or had, steam heat, judging by the pictures of that one radiator.

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Taxes are super high but the house is huge its 7,000 square feet on two acres. I Kellerblend, go on an friend me on facebook, I would love to see your project.
I dont know much about old houses but I grew up in one so I have an appreciation for them. Can anyone tell me anything about the pictures I posted. I would love to find out more about whats inside this house. Thanks so much

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The taxes are in part based on the current total assessed market value of $974,667. Since the house is already listed for $100K less than that, you might be able to have the taxes reduced. It's worth a call to Orange County's real property tax service at 845-291-2490.

As for the house itself, have a thorough inspection by a qualified inspector. Keep in mind that while the house gets city water, it has its own sewage system that should be inspected by a pro. Get copies of the heating bills. I bet they will be horrendous.

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Agree with the other posts -- get a good inspection and don't pay anything near the asking price. Keep us posted on what happens.

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