Kobe vs Pro Line hoods

Lorenza5064February 16, 2014

I am planning to install a 30 " hood over a 24" range. Have noticed that Kobe hoods are well reviewed. I found a pro line chimney hood that is considerably less $$$. Any opinions on Pro Line hoods? They seem to be comparable to Kobe products, gauge of SS, fan system, cfms. Please advise

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Check out BBB (better business bureau) on ProLine and you'll have your answer, in addition to several threads here on Gardenweb on this product line. Also, do a google search on "Proline Hood problems."

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Thanks for the leads. I have read thru the GW threads and read the bbb report. It seems that some are fabulously happy with their hood, have received good support (save one very very disgruntled customer). The biggest complaint seemed to be with delivery. The BBB rePort catalogued complaints, resolutions of complaints, and non resolved cases. It also provided comments from Proline addressing the delivery complaints. I find comments on GW that disparage nearly every hood company represented on the various threads. I wish we could re tee the conversation with updated info and opinions. More research to do. Thanks to all who have weighed in on this issue.

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I never used either hood. However, I kinda feel Pro Line has some issue with quality control.

It's a wild guess, and here it is.

While doing research on the hood for my kitchen, I found that Pro Line has a series of video on youtube, which are pretty nicely done.

Yet, when I look at one video "How to Clean Range Hood Baffle Filters and Fans", I could not hold to notice the blood on the presenter's hand: he clearly cut his finger during the cleaning, although he keeps saying that this is such an easy job.

I have to admit, if this is a live demonstration, the presenter gives a really great show, since he is always calm, as seems nothing happens. But as a formal video uploaded for public viewing, I would think that it's no-brainer to wipe off the blood, and redo it again. How much will an extra take cost?

That's my conclusion, while people are working hard to get the great product, there are some aspects of Pro Line that are so unprofessional, especially in the quality control.

It's an old video, probably 3 years old. I hope the things are getting better now.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Clean Range Hood Baffle Filters and Fans

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