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rjl443February 10, 2014

Hi -

We redid our 1978 kitchen last year (late 2012) - a few things that we "cheated" on:

1. Used basic black handles with 96mm width - I figured that width would give us good choices to put what we wanted in - and I needed to stop using the "Commando" hooks/curling ribbing that I had done in desperation. Where is a good place to get handles/pulls online?

2. Backsplash - we did IKEA Medium Brown/Colonial Cream countertop - oak flooring that was already here (want to lighten it to natural though)

3. Flooring fill-in/repair - we did a temporary fix for an adoption home study - with vinyl tiles - it looks awful but passed the home study.

4. Sinks - we got Blanco Silgranit Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink and square singranit single bowl island sink - both in biscotti - I cannot keep this color clean, it drives me NUTS. Is it possible to change it out with a different color sink? I know how to clean it, I just don't want to see every mark until I get to clean it.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Regarding your sink, some countertop installers like to "sandwich" the sink in between the plywood underlayment and the countertop material. If your sink was installed like that, removing it won't be without issues ... it will need to be cut out from underneath.

I'm not sure what you're asking with questions 2 and 3 ... ? If you are asking for help choosing a backsplash, pictures of your existing materials would likely help.

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As jellytoast indicated, the ease or lack thereof of changing your sink depends on how it was installed and the configuration of your tops/splashes.

The plywood would be the worst. Expect to pay $300.00 - $900.00 for labor.

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Thanks for posting this--I have been considering one of the light colored granite sinks. I understand exactly what you mean about it looking bad until you get around to cleaning it..that was my problem with stainless and cast iron. I guess I will stick with the darker silgranite color as I love my anthracite one now.
I purchased my pulls from Overstock and I am happy with them.

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