Wow! Snow!

tami_ohioFebruary 16, 2013

For the weather channel saying no accumulation this morning, we sure are getting it! We've had 4 inches in 2 hours. In addition to the 1.5 inches we got all day. Very few plows out. Yuck. Stay in. It took us twice the time to get home a few minutes ago than it should have. I couldn't go over 25 mph. And I am not afraid to drive in the snow. I had one of the best teachers for winter driving. Dad plowed snow for the county for 25 years. Visibility is down to about a 1/2 mile, too.

Stay warm and safe every one!


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Got lots of friends in Ohio...from Toledo to Cincinnati and places in between, like Columbus and Dayton. Which part?

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Snowing in Boston today. windy and very cold..

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Our weather man predicted an INCH...HAHAHA! "You're FIRED!"

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Redcurls, I'm half way between Sandusky and Cleveland. Mt. Gilead area (Mansfield area) was bad also. I-71 was closed one way, can't remember which, due to accidents yesterday for a while.

The sun is shining this morning.

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My friend in Toledo LOVES friend in Columbus HATES it. One is retired, the other is not....guess which is which! LOL Snow is pretty if you don't have to go anywhere.

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Now I know where out storm went, but I won't admit anything, not even we are getting more tonight. No I admit NOTHING
Marie from ND who just got 4 inches

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