What Style is Our House?

eastfallsglassDecember 11, 2011

This is within Philadelphia city limits, the houses in our neighborhood were built in the 20's. Even though mostly built during the same period of time, there are a variety of architectural styles in the surrounding blocks. Our house is the only one in the area with a tile roof and stucco exterior, most of the others are stone or brick with slate roofs.

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Georgian revival.

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also more generally called Colonial Revival

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Revival, for sure. Colonial, but with Georgian high-style flourishes. And handsome as all get out! Love its adorable little frog-eye dormers (not a technical arch. term, just how they look to me) on the roof; they nicely lighten the its formidable dignity and presence. I'll bet it's lovely inside, too. (Shameless hint for more pics, please!)


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I agree with Revival. Don't ever ever ever let a "regular" roofer work on that roof. Always get someone who specifically knows tile roofs.

Great looking home!

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"Beaux-arts" is what leaps to my mind. It's not often seen in residential buildings, because it doesn't scale down easily, and this home is simplified (true to the '20s Beaux-arts), but still ...

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Drop-dead gorgeous!

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I love how the dormers echo the first floor windows. Beautiful!

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There appears to be an Italian Renaissance influence but the roof overhangs are too short and there are no major arches. The small barrel dormers are very French but the roof slope is not very steep. The columns are very neo-classical but only one story tall on the porticos. The mixture of so many eclectic ideas is very Beaux Arts but they are unusually restrained. Romantic eclecticism would be a good description. Nice house.

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