Best brand of white high-gloss?

mclarkeJanuary 1, 2009

Hi everyone, just visiting from the Home Decor forum.

Opinions, please --

What's the best brand of white high-gloss paint?

We're doing the woodwork throughout the house, and we've been using Sherwin Williams Extra-White Proclassic enamel high-gloss -- but we're not too thrilled with the coverage.

Is there a better brand?

What's your favorite high-gloss enamel?


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Benjamin Moore is my favorite paint. Was always told by professionals that it has the best coverage. It's the only paint I've ever used.

Did you use primer first? That should help with coverage.

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Thanks for your response.

We tried primer first, but it didn't seem to help very much.

I will try the BM high-gloss paint... can't hurt.

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Best brand of high gloss I've ever used is Fine Paints of Europe. Oil base. I did my screen doors and all exterior trim with this. Very costly but I don't expect to repaint for many years. My screen doors, painted going on 3 years ago, look like new after 2 winters.

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Fine Paints of Europe! Wow, that sounds classy!

I went to their website and they do make an interior acrylic gloss. Unfortunately they don't have a retailer near me...

Alas. Looks like very good paint.

Thanks, Rocogirl...

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I order by phone on their 800# and they charge it. Comes to me overnight. It is one of those very expensive but worth it choices when someone is asking about the "best."

Here is a link that might be useful: fpe

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Whoa. I clicked through to the Ordering page on their website. The paint costs $105 for 2.5 liters, which is what, 2/3 of a gallon? Plus the shipping costs...

"Very expensive" is right. Sorry, Rococogurl, I have to give this one a pass.

But thanks anyway. It's a very classy website. Wish they had more photos.

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