Would you buy butter this old?

Tracey_OHOctober 9, 2013

Saw this at Walmart today, of all places. Picked it up to purchase until I saw the dates. It was packaged back in 2012 with an expiration of 2014!
Seemed like too long for something like butter but what do I know? I live in a small town and my only options for better quality are Kerrygold in the tub at SAMs club or 2 sticks for $6.99 at Kroger. Would you have bought this?


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Depends on how it was stored. Frozen?

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Nope, just in the refrigerated section with the other butter. I have no idea how it was stored before it got to the store though.

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It says "Dairy for Life." I guess they mean it literally. I have no idea, but it seems like a real long time to keep butter. Is it ultra pasteurized?

I saw an episode of America's Test Kitchen in which they recommended keeping all your butter in the freezer until you are going to use it because it picks up the flavors, odors, from your fridge in no time. I haven't noticed that problem, but maybe my sniffer and palate aren't as good as theirs.


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I once read in a food facts book you should only freeze unsalted butter. Their reasoning was the salt is in a constant "fight" to thaw the butter, much like road salt thaws ice on a highway, and it alters the texture. Another "expert" says frozen salted butter will keep longer in the freezer (up to 9-months) than unsalted (5-6-months). Yet one more source says it keeps indefinitely at 0-degrees F. Take your pick!!!

I generally use unsalted butter, but I've also frozen salted butter and never noticed a difference.

But back to the question..... I suspect the butter has been frozen or in extremely cold storage - colder than most refrigerators. If the price was "right" I'd purchase it. My stock-up price is $2.00 / pound. Dillon's (Kroger brand butter) had butter for $1.99 / pound a couple weeks ago, so I purchased quite a bit for holiday baking. Countryside Creamery Butter at Aldi is $2.50 / pound, but occasionally will drop as low as $1.90. On the rare occasion I've found Plugra European Style Butter (Sam's Club), I'll buy as much as my budget and freezer space will allow. Such lovely stuff :-)!!!


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I also freeze butter all the time, both salted and unsalted and as Grainlady mentions, didn't notice a difference.

So I'd probably go ahead and buy the butter if I needed it and the price was good, I'm also assuming frozen or very cold storage was used for preservation.


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Is it ok to re-freeze the butter? Here, butter has a date giving the user a couple of months. I can see on the label that it says to keep it in the freezer and to put it in the fridge before use. So, it should be frozen for those dates to apply. It sounds all wrong that they've defrosted it.

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I always buy lots of butter when it's on sale and freeze it--with never a problem.

Personally? I won't buy any perishables at Walmart. With their grocery store being more or less a sideline, and the quality of most of the employees I see working there, I really don't trust them to properly handle foods that have to be correctly stored--I buy all my produce at a local market, and go to a real supermarket, deli or Amish market for meats, dairy, and frozen foods. Just not worth taking the chance, IMO. I'd be in your shoes--seeing that the butter was packed over a year ago, I would want to know where it was all along the way--which isn't going to be available to you. No, I definitely would NOT buy that butter at Walmart

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