Old Door Out of Square

jburr827December 16, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I have an old pine door that is out of square and am wondering what methods might be available to square it up. The door has hidden tenons and and all of the seams are virtually tight.

Is it possible to square this up somehow with a clamping system and if so how can I keep it there? Maybe it is just a matter of taking the whole thing apart somehow and re-gluing it.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Thank you.


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I squared up an old entry door with two eyehooks, two pieces of cable (garage door type cable) and a turnbuckle. Place one eyehook on the hinge side at the top, the other at the bottem of the latch side. Fasten cable to the hooks and the turnbuckle and tighten slowly. It didn't look too bad so I left everything on the door.

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If the joints are truly tight something else is going on.

The door may have been cut out of square for an out of square jamb.

For a mortise and tenon panel door to get out of square the joints must be open somewhere.

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