Painted the stairs - bad batch of (SW) what?

SheeshareeIIJanuary 2, 2011

Back in Sept. I followed Paintguy's steps and advice for my stairs. Carpet came off and I really took my time with this and 3 months later my stairs are still tacky, mark up easy, and the treads are dull in the middle where we step. I used SW Porch and Floor paint. I finally called the SW store last week and it turns out it was a bad batch. They've had a bunch of complaints over the past couple weeks. They're willing to refund my money or credit it towards something else. I asked what he would suggest I do and he said sand the tacky areas (felt like saying,"you mean the whole thing") and he mentioned another paint they carry but I forget what he said. I'll be using the same dark brown color, SW Woodsy Brown. I'm glad they're refunding my money but that doesn't fix the time and labor I put into this.

One thing I did find interesting is he asked if it was a dark color and it seemed that's why some of the areas aren't wearing well? Is this common? After I got off the phone I wondered why he didn't recommend a "good batch" of the porch and floor paint once I did the sanding??? Doesn't sound good to me.

A few people suggested I ask that one of their guys come out and redo it but that doesn't necessarily mean it will turn out super. When I do something, I'm ok if the results aren't professional perfect because I'm not one. I feel differently if a professional is doing the work and since we wouldn't be paying.... it just doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

I do think it would be fair to ask for free sandpaper and painters tape since I'm going to have to buy more.

What would you suggest I do now? Specific steps please? I'm not confident I can use a chemical stripper so I'm leaning towards electric sander. Tried to strip an old stained desk once and it's sitting in my basement half finished. I would prefer to switch paint brands entirely but maybe that's a bad idea?

As promised, here are the photos. I never bothered to touch up or clean the walls off since I'll be redoing this.

The stairs lead into the basement. Since we've been running our pellet stove I was thinking I should probably work on this at the beginning of the new year, since it's pretty toasy, vs. spring.

Another thing that should be a blast, we have three cats. When I did this project, the basement floor wasn't finished so the door wasn't open and the cats were never on the stairs. Last time, I locked them in a room while I painted, put everything back to normal and they never bothered to get near them. Since we've opened the basement door the one cat LOVES laying in front of the pellet stove... should be interesting.

I used BIN primer because the treads were pine and the rest was oak with a sprayed clear coat. We'll eventually replace this area but to me, paint was better than the carpet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old thread with instructions

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It's fairly normal for a paint manufacturer to refund only the cost of the product when something like this happens. Maybe if you were a huge contractor that buys a lot of paint you could get compensated for labor, but even then it is like pulling teeth to get anything. I would think it would be difficult to sand something that is tacky, but you probably don't need to strip. All you want to do is get down to a sound surface that can be painted over that is dry and not tacky. It's true that dark colors like this are always more of a maintenance issue than light colors. That is true with any manufacturer. It's also fine to go over it with another manufacturers product as long as the surface is dull and clean.

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Well that's good to know. I was curious what was common because I was hearing everything from them supplying materials to me getting a lawyer (which I wouldn't do.)

It's really only a wee bit tacky but it definitely didn't cure right since I can mark it easy with my nail.

So sand the outer layer off to dull it, clean and repaint with two coats with the proper drying time, right?

What sandpaper grit should I use?

So the loss of sheen in the middle of the treads from walking is just due to it being a dark color and I'm going to have this with any paint manufacturer? Would a coat of poly help prevent that? I've had people mention the stairs could be slippery then but people use poly over stained treads?

Thank you!

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Hi Shee!

Uffda! Sorry about your difficulties!!

Was that original dark color a STORE-TINTED color....OR, a PRE-MIXED factory color?

DON'T put a coat of Poly over anything until those steps have cured-out a month!! A deep color is gonna need ALL of a month to cure-through. Trapping the curing paint under Poly can lead to lifting/other issues.

The original coats MAY have been applied a little heavy???
This is SOMETIMES a factor.
Next time...I'd do 3 lighter coats, so each one dries-out faster, leading to a faster "total" cure-out.


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Hey Faron!

They mixed it up for me.

Gotcha about the poly.

I didn't think I put too much on at once but it is possible. I should've never put the 2nd coat on when the first coat was still tacky after a few days of waiting. My gut said no but I just crossed my fingers that, in time, it would fully cure. :(

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Sandpaper grit?

Also, Paintguy, you mentioned you would've used Muralo paint before. Would you still use that given my current situation? If so, which one? I see there's floor paints but there's quite a few.


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150 grit sandpaper. I believe the Muralo product is called Sure Tred or something like that.

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Paintguy - Thanks! After looking, there isn't a Muralo store anywhere near me.

Yesterday I got a refund for the paint (whopping $12). The guy said they're coming out with a new floor paint in a few weeks, same name but better because of all the problems they've had. I don't really want to be a guinea pig. I then asked it they could do anything for me with the sandpaper and painters tape. He told me I'd have to call the manager.

Called the store manager today, told me story,he said he would replace the paint then there was *silence*. I asked about the sandpaper and painters tape again and he said he'd throw in a 5 pack of sandpaper and a thing of tape. Great. I asked which paint he was talking about because of what the other guy told me. He says about giving me (well, my $12 would be the cost) their industrial grade paint. Can't remember if he said it was floor paint or just paint. I asked him if it was ok used as floor paint and he said,"oh yeah, it's industrial grade."

I agreed thinking I'd decide later if I wanted to try the paint and once I got off the phone realized that sandpaper and painters tape came WITH the paint.

I'll just go out and buy new sandpaper and tape if need be.

Anyone know anything about this industrial grade paint he speaks of? Should I just run away? I didn't even think to ask what sheen it comes in.

Since there's no Muralo store near me, I had considered using BM floor paint.

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Called back and found out the paint is ArmorSeal Tread-Plex. It comes in Semi Gloss.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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