Drywall on knee walls

bostonhomeDecember 17, 2009

I am having drywall installed in the attic of my 1870 Victorian house. The attic is part of the mansard roof and will have two bedrooms. For the finished walls, the contractor recommend a more gradual transition between the top walls and knee walls below...a smooth slight curve. There would not be a sharp line at the top of the knee walls to show a sharp drop straight down. I always thought I wanted a distinct edge, but not sure which is correct.

Which finish would look better? Which is the right way?

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I wish I had a mansard roofed house--but I only have a 1908 'four-square'--I hate that term! Anyway, my attic is finished in original lath and plaster, and it has curved joins at the top of the knee-walls, and also where the angled portion joins the flat ceiling. It looks very nice but does give problems in painting--I have painted from the baseboard to the very top all the same color, rather than deciding where to stop the wall color. :)
At a guess, and remembering episodes of TOH, I would say curved joins were the norm.

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It depends on the skill of the installer. You might not have a choice.

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Large radius (inner or outer) joints are very simple for a plasterer, not so easy for a drywall person.

The curves help disguise the boundaries between the various planes, especially if the paint color is the same on both planes.

I have always carried the knee wall color up to the ceiling curve, than changed color their.

If there are dormers or other square ceiling-wall joints, lining up the color change line with them seems to look best.

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