Companies that replace irregularly shaped windows?

jlc102482December 20, 2010

I need to replace a few of the windows in my 1857 home. I know, I know....I hate to do it but due to the safety issues involved with switching the exterior storms out and the incredibly loud neighbors next door, I have got to do it if I am going to keep my neck and my sanity intact.

Here is what the upstairs windows look like:

I am guessing I will need a specialty company to custom make these windows, as they are 54" tall x 27" wide and are arched. I would like the new windows to look as close as possible to the old ones, though wavy glass is not necessary (but will certainly be considered if I can afford that upgrade.) I am most interested in windows designed to block sound! Can anyone recommend a good, reasonable company that would be sensitive to an old house owner's needs?

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Oh, dear. I am never able to get posted photos to display here, for some reason.

Here is a link that might be useful: Try this link...

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Forgot to mention that I'm in the Buffalo, NY area. Thanks!

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Some of the larger window companies do custom work, including arch top windows.

They get very expensive very quickly though.

Start calling around, but Marvin comes to mind as offering this.

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Is it possible to keep your windows as they are, remove the exterior storms (if you must)& replace them with interior storms which should be cheaper than replacing the total window? I'm assuming you remove the storms in summer for ventilation but doesn't open windows add to the noise issue?

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I would try Marvin first

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvin windows

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I'd go for the interior storms too. I think you will find they end up being cheaper than replacing entire windows AND the soundproofing you get will be better than what new windows offer. Interior storms can be made and installed now as opposed to having to wait till the weather is better AND given you are in Buffalo that might be a big plus.
Once you start messing with replacing the windows on a house you open up a huge can of worms and you risk destroying the very thing that makes the house attractive in the first place.

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I thought the idea of interior storms was intriguing, but I am not sure how well they would block out sound from outside. Can anyone who has them comment on that?

Also, I have seen interior storm kits but I haven't been able to find a place that will custom-make them. (I don't HAVE to have custom, but I think I will probably have to go that route due to the window shape.) Does anyone know of a company that custom-makes interior storms?

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I used Magnetite interior storms on the windows I want to repair (eventually), as a temp fix. They keep cold and noise out quite nicely. And, don't look bad at all. Since my trim is white, they blend right in. I DIY'd mine, but they are rectangular, so much easier than yours.

Here are a couple of others- they all look about the same, but these do custom work: based out of Ohio based out of Minnesota

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Forgot to mention that the actual windows I had replaced, I had custom made by Marvin. Wood windows, and they look just like the old ones, made of the wider grain fir to match my old ones that were demolished by the weather (and not kept up by the PO!).

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I think Adams Architectural windows will do anything you want. They specialize in old windows. They can be a little flakey to get a quote from but I think they do good work. The quote I got was twice as high as the quote I got from Kolbe and koble. I went with Kolbe but the Adams quote was do-able.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adams Architectural windows

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Try Harvey they don't stock anything, all of their windows are custom. One caveat you must be a licensed contractor w/ an account to purchase from them. I know for a fact they can replicate that window.There is also a co. Alside, I haven't done business with them in a while ,but both co. are quality and reasonable. Royal window on Long Island, they did a ton of windows for the NY housing authority, their specialty is sound proofing. The last place I would go is the box stores or the nationally known manufacturers Anderesen, Pella, Marvin etc.Of course if price isn't the issue then go to them. Good luck

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