Hallway Paint Color? Your favorite?

sarahandbrayJanuary 1, 2014

I am currently stripping SEVEN LAYERS of wallpaper off the plaster in our hallway. Trying to figure out what paint color for the hall. House is 1890's Victorian but I like more of the streamlined, Pottery Barn, simple farmhouse look. Window in both ends of the hallway. Tons of thick molding. The problem is that the molding and doors in the BACK will be painted white while the front of the house has medium stained doors and trim that won't get painted.

DH says he thinks both hallways can be different colors. I think I would prefer more uniformity.

What do u think? Back hallway has the window plus 5 doorways, base molding and a shorter ceiling height. Front has tons of doors and trim, too.

Paint brands most easily accessible to me are BM & SW. Farrow & Ball looks cool but I can't find a retailer near me in Albany, NY.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Sarah in Albany

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I did my hallway in a light pastel yellow with white trim and doors.

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My house and many of the houses around me (that I peek into during my dog walks) are from that time period and before.

My front foyer is the same color as when I moved in - realtor beige - and it looks terrible. I think these houses can handle much stronger colors. And you need a color that goes well with the flooring.

Ben Moore has an historical color chart. This might be a good place to start.

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I'm near Albany too! I always used SW, but tried PPG on the advice of this forum and really liked their Manor Hall line. I know closest to me for PPG would be Latham Paint and Passano Paint, might be others closer to you though.

As for color, well, hard to say. I know I've read many posts about perfect colors going crazy at different times of day, so definitely paint a few swatches on the wall. Sounds like your light situation varies quite a bit through the day.

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Thanks!! I picked Wool Skein by SW (can't help it--family member is a commercial paint salesman so I get 40% off all the time).
Like it--would have preferred more of a grayish color, but this is much warmer--hard b/c the hall has TERRIBLE lighting at night (so can't go too dark) but has a window at the end with southern exposure (so it's SUPER bright during the day). Neighboring rooms are yellow (guest room), Caribbean blue/aqua (bath) and dark cocoa (laundry room).
It's working out fine! I cut in everything...now on to the roller tonight!
Thanks for the input!

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