Blinds dot com blind broken - How is their CS?

ladyamityFebruary 14, 2013


Until the other day, I hadn't been to this Decorating site in ages. Good to see some familiar names and hope to get to know the new names!

A year and a half ago, in the kitchen, we had a pipe rot inside the wall behind the sink. Extensive damage. Insurance company sent out 'specialists' and they found mold, mildew in the walls and asbestos tiles under existing cabinets.

Having to re-do a whole kitchen, from the ground up ourselves, I decided to get a few updated items.....things I would never ordinarily splurge on.

I did two months of research for wood shades, ordered tons of samples and finally used the Blinds dot com company.

Five shades at a total of $679.
This was a huge investment for us because my usual practice is making my own fabric panels out of budget fabric for the windows in our home.

A couple days ago I went to raise the blinds in the morning as I do every morning and as I walked away and looked back, noticed the main (largest) blind didn't raise all the way on one side.
I tried again and that's when I realized the blind was broken. One of the strings had fraying on both broken ends.
On the floor below that end of the blind I found a little ring...looks like a jewelry ring attachment. I found the exact type of ring along the width of the blind but each were held in place with a string.
We don't have cats, we don't have children. One of us raises that blind every morning and it gets lowered as soon as it starts to get dark (don't want the neighbors watching us cook dinner. LOL)

Has anyone dealt with this situation before?
Aren't blinds supposed to last longer than this?
Anyone deal with reimbursement or replacement of a broken blind through Blinds dot com?
Anyone ever fix a string and ring to a broken blind by themselves?

I guess in my mind, paying over $600 meant I was going to have blinds that lasted longer than 14 months.

Thank you for any advice, options you can give me.

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Check the warranty on the blinds. Even if it expired at one year, give them a call.

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I ordered blackout shades for my guest room over the holidays (3).

Dh installed them and the largest one had three tiny holes. I called the number immediately and within a week I had a questions asked. They didn't want the old one back. I was pleased.

I would call them. Have your order number ready when you call them.

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Have you contacted them? They have been responsive with me. My experiences with them have been positive..

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