Ruby Red plate update

ruthanna_gwOctober 11, 2013

Over the years, some CFers have asked asked where I bought my everyday red glass dishes and I replied that I have had them for so long, I didn't remember.

I was surprised to open a Vermont Country Store catalog this week and on the first page of their Holiday Preview section were ruby red made glass plates similar to the ones I use. No soup bowls, cups or saucers but made in USA glass plates in three sizes and three colors including the red.

I have no affiliation with VCS and did not order any but wanted to pass the info. along for those who have asked about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruby red glass plates

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I am not sure about this.

Red is not so common because you need to use gold to make red glass?


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Good red glass beads are more expensive than many other colors. There are a few other more expensive colors - cobalt blue, maybe?

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Yes. Gold is the colorant in red glass. It doens't take much, but probably enough to make it more expensive than other colors.


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I have a collection of sorts of ruby red glass dishes, inherited from my mother, and collected from estate sales by Jerry, or just picked up from time to time as we stumble across it. I had no idea it was rare.

I also had no idea it has selenium or gold in it. Should I be worried?


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