Finally using FPE Brushing-Putty!

Faron79January 1, 2012

Yeah...THRILLING New Years Eve/Day project I know!!!

Our entry sidelight windows have taken a minor beating from our Samoyed lightly scratching the wood trim when people/dogs walked by!! She's over that now for the most part....!

DW has been "hinting" for a while now to get this done...;-)

This is some COOOOLLL stuff!

* It's kind of a ULTRA high-build "surface-smoother", not really a "primer" per-se.

* It's like brushing-out liquid toothpaste! Kinda weird until you're used to it!

* Interesting smell too...Uffda!

* If you laid a paintbrush on this actual putty, it would just sit on top of this stuff. Brushes-out decent though!

* I'll be lightly sanding this smooth today.

* It'll then have to be primed, once I get the "BP" sanded smooth to my tastes.

* 2 coats of this are needed where scratching was deeper!

This is some DANG cool material for "highly visible" trim areas, or projects where a NICE surface is critical.

The materials:

The "culprit", complete with her Christmas-Bandana!

She's now 2.25 y/o!

I won't be using the Hollandlac-Satin OIL paint (lower-left). I'll use the ECO-Brilliant Waterborne-Alkyd for the final paint coats.


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Will you be able to post before and after pics?

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Hi Gray!

I thought about shootin' some B4 pix, but I don't have the best digital camera. It's a HP, but it's at least 6y/o.
I haven't been happy with how the pix look on forums like this. Just doesn't seem "clear" enough.
I WILL try some afters in a few days, if I can focus it clear enough.

The WIDEST part of the sidelight casing is 1.5"....!
The edges facing out are maybe 3/4"!
* Some of the deepest scratches might have hit 1/8", on the edges facing the entry!
* On the worst areas, I've done 3 coats of the BP, sanding each back some.
* I've now got all that trim (NOT the Oak door trims) looking like glass! First using medium-grit paper, then with 220.
* The surface gets so smooth and dense that it's like doing auto-body work!
* Ready for the FPE Oil primer tomorrow, now that the substrate is built-up with the FPE-Putty and smoothed off.


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Finally an update!!

Only had time to work on this in short time segments the last week!
Plus....I'm very a*al about sanding, etc.!!

* Had to apply 3 coats of Brushing-Putty to the scratched areas, and sand back each coat.
* Sanding & more sanding, Wiping-down, vacuuming-off, & tacking-off gets a little tedious!
* Knees, etc., sore from squatting/laying on entry floor doing all the lower detail-sanding!
* Used medium & fine-grit wedge-shaped sanding-sponges, and cleaned-'em out each night, to use the next evening.

Once the Putty-layers were sanded good enough, and a lightly sanded coat of the Oil-Primer......
On went the ECO-Brilliant paint!!!
(used a 1" Purdy angle brush)


* Can't even smell it! The Oil primer IS a ventilation-suggested/charcoal-mask product though....Uffda!
* It flows out so beautiful! Because the work is obviously vertical, I had to tweak my application-strokes to avoid runs.
* Work the paint on, then used loooongg/light flowing "Lay-off" strokes.
* Even 15min. later, it seems like it's still SLIGHTLY leveling-itself off!
* After ECO-coat #1, lightly sanded it the next evening.
* 2nd ECO-coat was Monday night.
* Looked at it today.....HOLY CR*P!!! I didn't know trim could look so beautiful!
* The depth of gloss is quite unlike anything I've seen...I can't stop looking at it!!
* DW is impressed....whew! It looks 75-times better than when we first moved-in 15yrs. ago....

Everybody has different opinions of paint prices, but once you use THIS level of paint, you're spoiled for anything else.
For "HIGH-VISIBILITY" trim projects, you just can't go wrong here...

(finished-project pics coming....)


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Sounds great! Waiting for pics........

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Finally got my uploading done!!

Some final shots....I just wish they were clearer!! I might take some more pix on a sunnier day! The paint looks even better!!

The bottom shows the best in these shots...

There's a floor/base lower stained trim-molding that I poly'd too. I'll get another pic with better sunlight. It was too cloudy on these shots!


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Hard to believe that's wood under there! Looks like a high gloss vinyl or plastic. Awesome work!

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Thanks Sierra!

If I could just get the narrow vertical edge to show decently...!
Most of the scratching damage was there. I'll have to light the area differently. The flash on White paint just blasts all the contrast away! It's only ~ 3/4" wide.... DOES kinda look plasticky! No trace of the wood-graining now!


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That looks great!

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Thanks for posting pics! I'll try this product on some exterior work that I need to do this spring!

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This is *great*, faron -- pictures like that make it clear that the putty and paint are truly "architectural coatings", not just a thin layer of color. A followup question: did you use the highest gloss formulation? Or was it called semi-gloss? I want a little less gloss than the amazing look you've achieved. TIA.

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Hey Fly!
Thanks again for your kind note!

Here's a so-so shot of the primers & all my sanding wedges!!

This is the FPE stuff used. I didn't use the Hollandlac Satin (it's the OIL-Based Satin).
The finish-coats were the ECO (Hybrid) Brilliant (Gloss!)

>>> NOTE the purple Maglite in the 1st pic!!!
For detail work like this, seeing the sanding marks, ridges, etc., a good light is critical!! Laid-down ON and parallel to the surface...the long beam reveals flaws in what SEEMS "smooth" in general room lighting.


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Lori A. Sawaya

WOW Faron!

That's quite a project and the results are most excellent.

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Thanks Fun-C!!

"Most excellent"....

Is this Wayne's World?!!?!?!?
"Party on Fun-C"!!!


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Faron, thank you so much for sharing this information. Would you please comment on how the Ace Cabinet and Door paint stacks up against Fine Paints of Europe? Is FPE a much better or only slightly better product? The Ace paint costs $29 per gallon compared to $100 for FPE? Do you think the quality of the FPE justifies the much higher cost?

Due to budget constraints, I will be painting my doors and trim with Ace but I'm tempted to try the FPE on my kitchen cabinets if the finish would be noticeably better. Can FPE be tinted to Benjamin Moore colors? You're one of the few people I've come across who has tried both products so your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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Another question Faron.

On the FPE site it says that the brushing putty is a "primer". Does that mean it's applied like a typical primer, either brushed or rolled on? When i think of putty I think of having to apply it with a putty knife. I'm NOT good with a putty knife but pretty decent with a paintbrush.

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I'm not knocking ACE by saying this, but the FPE is in a different league entirely!
* In its price-range, the ACE is a good choice for a nice leveling paint.
* The higher price rationale for FPE?? Once you've tried it....!

BP is a VERY high-build primer.
* They recommend just using a throw-away brush to apply it, since you're sanding it down anyway....
* It's KINDA like brushing-out soft pudding!


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Lori A. Sawaya

Hey, the 'Paint Party' is always on here at the Garden Web. ;)

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Yesterday I purchased my FPE brushing putty! I wasn't sure whether I needed the oil primer so the store made a call to FPE and they confirmed that the oil primer is highly preferred because it will seep into any remaining crevices of the oak beter than acrylic. After the oil primer is applied, then I need to sand a bit and then can apply either acrylic or oil paint.

As for cost, the FPE brushing putty was slightly less than $50 for approx a quart in my market. I was expecting it to be a little more expensive, but we'll see how far it goes.

I'm trying 3 different paints/methods in advance of painting my oak kitchen cabs so I can decide which is my best option. So far, I've used BM advance on doors and trim, and rustoleums cabinet transformation in the upstairs bathroom. In the downstairs powder room I'm going with FPE products. We'll see what turns out best and then I'll make my choice. I was very impressed with BM Advance but I have a feeling FPE will knock my socks off. I'll post pictures and reviews of all 3 when I'm done.

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Do you have to use oil primer? That would kind ruin my whole reason for choosing Eco Brilliant -- avoiding fumes in my house.

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It's not as mandatory INSIDE a home.
FPE states they "highly recommend" the Oil-Undercoater for EXERIOR work.

Since there's no "weathering" inside obviously, it's not nearly as critical.
It WILL hold onto your ECO topcoats TENACIOUSLY it's technically "the best" coat-system.

I THINK you could use the ECO-series primer over your BP?!?!?!.
Call them to be sure....

>>> You WILL need a final-sand of 220!!!
* Once you build up a nice base of BP, you could sand with ~150-ish grit, for quicker initial smoothing/cutting.
* On the worst area of that trim, as I mentioned, I sanded-back 3 coats of BP.
* When you do the last passes with 220...THAT'S when the magic happens! The surface changes. If you lay a narrow-beam flashlight down on your work, you'll see what I mean by that "final smoothness"-look!
* When it looks like "Marble", you're ready for the ECO top-coats!!
* I even lightly sanded the Oil-Primer with 220 b4 the ECO-Brilliant magic....
* Those multiple sponges in my pic??? I rinsed each of them out a few times!! While one was drying, I was sanding with another....
* I wonder if Porsche will hire me for their paintshop now??!?!!?


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Really nice work and thank you for the detailed instructions. We're going to be using the BP and Hollandlac Brilliant on an interior table. Would you recommend going with the oil primer in this case?

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Just came upon this thread while searching FPE. What wonderful trim work, Faron. Definitely bookmarked for our old interior window trim. Also saw a beautiful exterior door finish on FPE website. Stunning. Thanks for posting about this. Live and learn.

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Forgot about this thread of mine!

Thanks guys for the kind words!
Yes, this stuff is wonderful for those who appreciate "the finer things"!
Wolfgang 80-
Yes, ideally, the Oil primer....if you're not already done!?!!?

Those Hollandlac-Brilliant doors are something to behold IMO!
I was able to play around with some...WOW.


    Bookmark   February 13, 2013 at 11:07PM
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