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jkom51October 8, 2013

agmss15's post on her amazing win of a Big Green Egg - the Kamado BBQ grill - reminded me of another product BBQers might be interested in.

A friend of our is a BBQ fanatic, and of course in Northern CA you can pretty much BBQ all year round. With a busy career, it's hard for her to have the time to fire up the barbie after work, wait for the coals to get just right, and then BBQ. They're just usually too tired, so her classic Weber mostly sat around except on weekends.

She toyed with the idea of a gas BBQ, but really prefers the wood or briquet flavor. While walking through Costco one weekend (always dangerous, LOL), she was given a pitch on the new wood pellet BBQ.

This is a modification of the European wood pellet stove. Fill the hopper as needed with the wood of your choice (they have all the classic kinds: mesquite, applewood, etc.), turn it on for 11 minutes, and start cooking! What she really likes about it is that like the Kamado, it's also a smoker.

The first time we came over she grilled burgers. Week after that, marinated filets. Third time she decided to try a light smoking, then final fast, high-heat grilling, of a tri-tip. All of them were outstanding, but the tri-tip went all the way to superb! That light kiss of smoke was amazing.

I use our medium-size gas Weber quite a lot. I've had her charcoal-grilled meats and they were good but not that different from what I get on my gas grill.

But her pellet grill really bumped it up to a level that a gas grill just can't reach. The wood - she's used both mesquite and applewood so far, with plans to try some of the others - makes a big difference.

Pellets are a good ecological use of otherwise-wasted wood scraps. But our friend gave us our first real-life 'taste test' on its BBQ/smoking potential, and we have to say, we're impressed by the results.

Anyway, thought some of the folks here might be interested in hearing some first-hand experiences with this new type of grill.

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We love our wood pellet grill. Its a brinkman and purchased on line (don't know where). It was about $500 or more. We are able to buy wood pellets locally and have tried apple and hickory. You must ONLY USE wood pellets for grills NOT the kind for wood pellet stoves.

I can take plain hamburgers add a little salt and pepper (sometimes not even that), cook on the grill and the flavor is amazing!!! My picky children and their friends love them. We have also done a turkey twice. The turkey cooks faster than we thought but flavor is great.

It is very easy to operate. I never used our gas grill (that was DH's job) but now I use our wood pellet grill myself.

We will never go back to a gas grill.

Here is the first turkey we did and the grill.

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Great looking turkey! Do you have a recipe for it? You should post it, that looks perfect with Thanksgiving coming up.

Good point about only using the pellets for BBQ, not stoves - I didn't know that. I'll make sure my friends know, although they're usually pretty care about instructions on new appliances. But just in case....better safe than sorry.

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No recipe. Some salt and pepper, maybe some other spice. Put in on medium with 2 cans of water in the grill. Again, we have done 2 turkeys and while they were good I feel they were a little too done. DH worries that it won't be done enough so leaves it on a little too long. Unfortunately online recipes for wood pellet grills are very vague with timing and temperature. Personally I would do a turkey on low and check the temp once on hour. I would trust the thermometer is I knew it was place correctly. The grill is my DH's baby so I have limited input, LOL

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Yes, That's what a great turkey should look like.

I have a different kind of pellet smoker. It has independent cold smoke and heat. I have very good control of both to giver me the desired end results.

The smoke generator is extremely economical in burning pellets. With the quantity of pellets I have bought, they can last me life time.


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