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glittergirl_txJanuary 15, 2012

Hi Folks,

I've read a bunch of the wallpaper removal posts but most say to try to remove the top surface before using removers. In our bath remodel, previous owners had wallpaper, then applied paintable wallpaper with texture over that, then painted over that a least two times. We've tried the paper tiger with hot water and fabric softener but other than making it smell good, it's not working.

Will DIF or safe and simple be a better option or will they even work to cut through that many layers. We need to remove it because it's coming up in places. Our intention is once removed to have the walls taped/floated and retextured correctly. Our bath is 10x12 with 10' ceilings. UGH!!


Thanks so much!

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If you are going to tape and float the entire surface, could you try using a utility knife to score (carefully) the paper and then apply the remover?

At least this would get though the layers of paint.

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If you are going to have the walls floated and prepped (as opposed to DIY) I'd consider whether it would cost you that much more to start with new sheetrock. I suspect it will be slow going for you and you might be taking off the top layer of the sheetrock as you go. It's the labor involved in taping, floating and texturing the room that makes up most of the cost of installing drywall and you're going to have that anyway. I'd save the time and aggravation -- as well as the risk of investing that time and possibly still having to replace, and start clean.

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Hi. It may be too late for me to help you but I think that when you have that many layers on the wall you might be able to pull alot of it off dry if you can just get it started. I learned all about this from an ebook on wallpaper removal on amazon for next to nothing.

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