Recycled rubber shingles for bungalow?

juno2008December 25, 2011

This is my first post here, so excuse me if I do something not quite right. We're looking for a new roof for our 1906 bungalow, and I've been reading about recycled rubber shingles that look like cedar or slate. I was wondering if anyone has something like this and what you think of it. Does is look convincing or does it look really fake? How's the smell? How has it held up?

We're replacing asphalt shingles, and I'm not sure what was there originally. The original siding was redwood (still exists under the asbestos shingles, which we may rip off someday).

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I first saw these at least 10 years ago and was wondering too. If you Google around you will see that certain brands boast a long life. But all the details must be done right by qualified installers. See, for instance, this post from a large roofing company. (Scroll down.)

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Hi. I can't give you any durability/longevity answers yet, but that is exactly what we're putting on our 1838 double brick cape next spring. We'll be putting Inspire (by Tapco) slate type on. I'd be a little concerned if you have to hire someone to apply them, unless they have prior experience. My DH is makes his living doing roofing so we'll be DIY. Our wholesaler was able to give us addresses of buildings with these and Ecostar (by Carlisle) which we looked at. IMO, the Inspire slates were much more realistic. Good luck.

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