New granite countertops...supposed to have an apron seam?

christy2828February 10, 2010

Yesterday I had granite countertops installed in Baltic Brown. There is a visible seam all around the apron that I did not expect to see. I cannot feel it with my finger, but I can definitely see it - even from a distance. Is it supposed to look like this?? Thanks, Christy

Here is a portion of the contract - I changed the beveled edge to eased:

The company will specifically supply and install the following custom ordered items.

Remove existing mica tops.

Baltic Brown Granite tops with 1.5" thick beveled edge and undermount sink cutout $3093.00

a.C-Tech single bowl stainless sink $179.14

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It looks like they installed 3/4 granite with a lamination rather than a 1 1/4 slab. Was your slab 3/4? Did you have plywood reinforcement? If so, that's what a laminated edge would look like. Hopefully one of the granite experts will chime in....

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When I first saw the seam on my Uba Tuba I freaked! Like you, I wasn't expecting it. I don't even notice it now, and I barely notice it on your granite. Thats how they do the granite on the west coast I am told to make it look thicker. Your kitchen and granite look awesome.

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You are right it looks much thicker than my granite.
Here is an image of mine counter. Maybe this can help
ease your mind. I am on the east coast.

I chose a boring 1/2 bullnose

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It does look like they used a thin slab and laminated another piece around the edge. A single 2cm (3/4 inch thick) or 3cm 1 1/4 inch thick) slab would not have that line. 3cm is all they sell in my area (MO).

You should be able to look up under your dishwasher to see if it is laminated on the front or if it is the same thickness all the way back. It's weird because it does look look like most of the grain pattern lines up above and below the line. So it might be one slab and just something they did in the fabrication part to cause the line. Overall I think it looks very nice from the other photos.

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Ours also has a seam (although MUCH more noticeable than yours---I might not be able to tell if you hadn't called it out!) Someone told me it was because it's less costly to do the counter that way than to use a thicker slab, though I have no idea if that's actually the case. (The PO put the granite in to get the house ready for sale, and it's a fairly shoddy install job overall---lots of very visible seams, etc.) It is the case that I've seen other counters with no seam in the same style, so I guess there is an alternate way to do it....but it's never affected the functionality at all, and generally I forget about it most of the time.

At any rate, I wouldn't worry too much---your counter is beautiful!

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Well, I just took another look at your second photo and missed it the first time. The edge is laminated to give it the thick look. Thus the reason you have the line. I did not pay attention to the sink cut out on the counter top. It is only half of what the front edge is.

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That's similar to what we have. For 2 cm granite they do attach a piece underneath it to form the thicker edge. Pretty standard, I think. From the side, it looks like this:

They use the adjoining outline of granite so that the bottom piece matches the top. Your guy did a pretty good job of this. But I don't think you should be seeing the dividing line so much. If Kevin doesn't see this, do a separate post with his name in the title. Maybe they can polish it a bit. I'm no expert, that's for sure! Just have the experience of my own granite with a similar edge.

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What you're seeing is what we call a "glue line" - This happens when two pieces
of stone are laminated to create a thicker looking edge detail. This is common.

The glue lines in laminating - no matter HOW good your guy is (even me - HA!)
WILL be able to be seen if you look for them. This is normal. Some glue lines
are not as noticeable as others (ie: look at Boxerpups - you can barely see them) ...
This is attributable to the stone, and the abilities of your Fabricator, and the
kind of glue they use (with or without tints)

As far as remedies now - you can use some stone enhancer (Ager Tiger)
on the edge and it might help disguise the glue line - but it won't make it
go away entirely. As crazy as this sounds too - a black sharpie pen hitting
the black areas will also help minimize the visual impact of the glue lines.
Those of us making a living doing Slab Countertops have used this little
trick of the trade for decades...... ;-)

It's always advisable for Fabricators to SHOW you a sample of a laminated
edge to alert you to the glue line issue - I always say that the glue lines WILL
be there - and no matter how good I can get them - you WILL see them if
you look hard enough for them.....



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I used the black Sharpie trick on our laminated edge and you can't even tell where the seam is. That was two years ago and it still looks fine, though I did one small touch-up.

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You could also do a mitered edge instead of the sandwiched edge. the mitered edge shows the joint less.

I dont think there is any fabrication error here.

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A mitered edge is done where the seam is directly on the edge of the countertop where the adjoining pieces are cut at 45 degree angles, correct? Is this as sturdy as the edge pictured by the original poster?

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Boxerpups -
What finish is your granite - is it honed, antique, etc? how did they finish the edge to match the finish?


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The laminated edge is perfectly fine and most of the time (I would say 99% of the time) on Baltic Brown you will see the seperation line bacause those colored brown and green circles do not line up and they create that visible line. It is impossible to line them up unless you pay about 3 times as much, but it is not worth it at all. Even on some solid one color granites you can still see the line let alone on some that jave veins or colored spots like Baltic Brown.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quality Marble And Tile YouTube

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