Anyone watching American Idol?

KathsgrdnFebruary 20, 2013

I posted this on Facebook too. I'm a little confused. Last week there were 20 girls and 20 guys left. Tonight only 10 girls sang and they cut them in half. Tomorrow the guys are supposed to sing...but what happened to the other 10 girls?

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I think they sent several home last week, but I was kind of sleepy at the end so I'm not sure.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

there's another group to go yet.

I am so glad Kree Harrison did so well, Keith really likes her, he spoke highly of her in a magazine article. She is related to a very good friend of mine. The girl has had some rough times losing both parents. My friend had emailed me earlier today to say Kree had called in to say she made it through, but her roommate had not, she was the girl with the long blonde hair. We are cheering for her.

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Tonight is the second group of girls I think, then the boys next week.

I'm guessing the judges must have already pretty much known who they were going to keep and put the girls in groups accordingly. If it had been random, the 10 best girls might have been in the same group and 5 would have been cut. I was nervous about that... but the judges chose the 5 I liked the best too.

Raven, Kree is my favorite girl so far too.

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I like Kree too, she reminds me of some actress I've seen, looks just like her but I don't know her name. I liked the girl who sang Funny Valentine or whatever that song is called. Then there's the blonde country singer who must be in the group that's singing next week. I really like her voice, don't remember her name though.

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I thought Kree looked a little like Drew Barrymore.. is that who you were thinking Kath?

Edited to say I was just reading some Idol forums and a couple people said "because she looks like Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey, who starred in one of my all-time favorite movies, Heavenly Creatures. " So maybe that is who she reminds you of? I didn't see Heavenly Creatures and am not familiar with Melanie.

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Kree is super-talented and my favorite woman so far -- the one who played the piano and sang her own song is my second favorite.

The level of talent this year is impressive!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I felt the girls really out did the guys on tonight. I was pretty disappointed tonight, only a couple that were good.
And good grief Niki really needs a filter, saying she wants to have some ones babies, and wants him as a boyfriend, what the heck does that have to do with singing ability. I was so happy when Keith let them know this was a singing competition not theatrical audition. Some were just way too over the top. And thankfully the worst did go home, but some of those girls from last night that were sent home were better than the boys that stayed.

The latest email from Kree said she was extremely tired, they keep them going all day and evening, not much free time. She was crying about losing her roommate because they had gotten really close.

Kree was leaving Vegas today ,flying home for a few days, then returning next week for the remainder of the cuts. Then they were going to start working with coaches. She was really happy with the judges comments.

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No, neither of those people, Lydia. I wish I could remember the movie or tv show I saw the actress in.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Nope. Two of the judges are supremely irritating to me and do the show a disservice, imo. I'll probably never watch it again and it used to be something that we both looked forward to.

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Rumor had it that an acquaintance of mine had possibly made it to Hollywood. I didn't watch the show and couldn't find her on searches. I'll have to stop by her house when her parents are out one day and ask. I haven't been watching the show. The two diva judges really don't interest me.

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I've watched AI since its inception and IMO, this is the worse season of talent. Not sure why they put through that guy with the longish, curly hair who can't sing AT ALL. There were so many better than him. Don't remember his name.

I'm really enjoyed Keith on the show, which I had my doubts how he would be, but, I like him in that capacity. I'm not a Nicki fan, but, most of the time I agree with her thoughts on the contestants performances/singing. She doesn't have a filter and maybe that's what I like about her. Mariah is a snooze for me, and Randy, well, he's just Randy.

I hope these contestants get better, because as of now, they are ALL boring...IMO.

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Kath, Kree reminds me of Rose on Two and a Half Men..what do you think?

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I used to watch it. Quit watching when Fantasia won it. What a racket. She was horrendous. Took me several years to give it a try again.

I won't watch this year til they get rid of Zoanette Johnson. What an insult that they continue to put that trainwreck through over other girls that were sent home.

It's not a singing competition anymore, it's a popularity show.

Never cared for Randy, actually like Nicki more than I thought I would, can't stand Mariah, and really like Keith.

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Just my opinion but I thought Nicki was so out of line and unprofessional last night. Comments like "I want to have your baby" to the contestants.....made her look cheap.

I think Keith and Mariah are much more professional then Nicki.

your resident DJ

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Love Kree.

Heavenly voice.

Niki Minaj is just annoying. I like Steven Tyler better and that's not saying much.

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You guys must see it twice a week? It's only aired Tues nite (I think) here. So I saw the first cut of the girls.

Love Kree........I thought I was looking at Rose, like Granlan mentioned!

Keith is doing an awesome job, I love him. Mariah is just boring. She talks slow, and is always primping herself.
I actually like Nikki for some humour.

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Lana, that's her! They could be twins.

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I'll watch later on when the group is smaller.
I prefer watching the Voice , can't wait for it to start again.

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I was so surprised that they kept Charlie and that Nikki loved him. I sure hope he goes home soon and gives the people a chance that deserve it.

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