Yikes!! Duration cost!!!

lucilleJanuary 12, 2012

Just bought some exterior Duration, I got a discount but it was $66/gallon. Yikes!!!

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Yeah....top-notch paints aren't gettin' any cheaper!

C2-Exterior is upper-$40's to low-$50's/gal., and a couple FPE Exteriors are ~$100/Euro-gal. (smaller than a U.S. Gal.).

Due to many supply/materials & resins/fuel issues the last couple years, paints have gone up STIFFLY, relative to even 5 yrs. ago...


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I hear ya... You don't want to know how much I've just spent painting the interior of my daughter's new house with Aura. Love it, I think it's worth it, but OUCH!

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I had the same sticker shock a few weeks back!!!! If you go online to the SW site and sign up with them they will send you coupons for their paint. I got a 30% off one online - which helped but the cost was still a sting!

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It goes on sale about every six weeks.

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I recently needed to go to a store other than BM to get some paint. BM was closed and I wanted my room done! so I tried out Pratt and Lambert. What a nice surprise that paint was! It was great to work with, low VOC, quick drying, etc. Just as nice if not nicer than the BM Kitchen and Bath paint I had been using. And less expensive too by about $20 a gallon. I'm still a huge BM fan; they continue to push the envelope and develop new and exciting products. But it was nice to use another proudct, spend a little less money, and get a great finish.

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I am so angry at Sherwin Williams I do not know what to do. I mentioned what happened to a SW customer service person when an automated coupon came in my email, because at $67 and then a 25% discount I ended up paying what most customers were paying without a sale.
The store personnel flat out lied to her when she called, saying that they had told me I needed a coupon that day (and presumably I would have gotten a discount off the $55 regular price). I am furious. I did not just come up with the $67 price, they quoted that to me and said I WAS getting a discount.
I feel scammed, cheated, and upset :(

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Pratt & Lambert is good paint and a good purchase for Sherwin Williams.

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We just painted our house with Duration. In my area of Southern California, the flat exterior Duration is $67 per gallon at retail. This price is clearly shown on the paint displays. Maybe Duration exterior is $55 per gallon in other parts of the country?
I was a little surprised by the lack of coverage our painters got. We have about 1,000 square feet of paintable surface (factory primed Hardieplank lap siding) and we used almost 8 gallons.

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