Wet brick in basement - how long does it take to dry?

aloha215December 10, 2007

I have a 1880s house - renovated last summer including the basement which was original dirt floor with brick. We took out the brick, lowered the floor a couple inches and lay a concrete slab, footings exposed. We then had a sewer back up and we had to rip out everything.

After this flood we discovered moisture and mold on our brick. We were told that it was a foundation issue and have now waterproofed the entire house, weeping tiles and all. The work was completed a week ago but the brick is still wet. I'm wondering if anyone know how long it takes for brick to dry? Or do we still have a problem?

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depends on the humidity level of your basement -

a wet something in a wet room won't ever dry, like leaving a sponge in a plastic bag.

I would put a dehumidifier down there for a few days, and see if that helps -

I would also call the contractor, and ask THEM, since if they know what they're doing, they will either have an answer, or want to take a look at it.

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It will take quite some time for the old bricks to dry out . Many of the older bricks can be quite porous and will absorb a lot of water ,you definately want to get some air circulation in there. As they do dry out you will probably notice a white furry substance come out of them. This is an efflorecence, my dad, who is an 86 yr old mason (only recently retired btw )also, calls it "Salt Peter".

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