Any Cures For a HOT Mattress?

chisueFebruary 21, 2014

Our new mattress is proving HOT. The gel or latex or whatever is in it is making me nuts. I don't see returning it with a $200 fee to do so -- big hassle too out here on Maui. We MUST keep it 30 days anyway; store policy. (This is a Sealy 'Fergus Falls firm Ti2 eastern king. About $800 on sale on the mainland; $1100 out here!)

Is there any kind of a 'buffer' mattress pad I can try? I only see stuff with MORE gel, etc., which is the last thing I want.

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There sems to be some cooling mattress pads..but the one that seemed maybe what you want is Brookstone..
Check out their online store.

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What about just a cotton quilted mattress pad to provide some buffer between you and that gel? NOT polyester!

Be careful with Brookstone. Like other "gadget" stores, it seems like they will soon file bankruptcy, which could effect warranties and returns.

Hope you find a solution.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I bought a cuddlebed mattress topper and we really like it.
That is exactly why I knew not to get the gel or foam mattress. I have a pillow which makes my head sweat bad, so I knew the mattress would be the same.
The stretchy skirt is very large and easily fits tall mattresses.

Or maybe you can get a feather bed topper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuddle bed

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I my own self am a true believer in cotton.

If you can find a very old homemade cotton quilt, I think it's the best thing in the world for a mattress pad-
no polyester or nylon or anything in either the top, the lining, or the batting, just pure wonderful cotton.

If you can't find one at an estate sale, check ebay.

A friend told me is that she got a mattress that's supposed to mold itself to your body...just as she started getting hot flashes.

She got the store to exchange it for a firmer one, plus she started wearing baggy thin cotton pjs instead of her favorite gowns.

& she may have banished her husband to another room for a while.
Husbands are notorious for having hot metabolisms.

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Chisue, I know what you mean. I can't take anything with gel or foam it's way too hot.

The topper that ravencajun posted looks like a really nice one, but, it is filled with polyester.

I found one for you that is all cotton top and filled with cotton. Look at the end there are the links for other sizes.

It looks so nice I think I am going to order one for our bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: 100% Cotton Top Mattress Pad

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If I were in your position, the solution I'd pursue ASAP is to get a mattress with a conventional top. I don't believe any type of mattress pad or similar approach will fix the problem.

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Raven -- The Cuddlebed seems to have polyester fiber filling -- yes? But the cotton COVER keeps you cooler? The filling adds a little 'squish' of comfort over the mattress? Is it a loose filling or a formed 'pad'? (Loved the positive review from the soldier in Afganistan who took a ribbing over the name of the thing.)

WHO would make a mattress with a *BUTTON TOP*? I can't believe this! I can't believe I didn't notice that before we ordered it! DUH!

Sylvia -- I remember thin, flat ALL COTTON mattress pads with little elastics to hold them on the corners of the mattress. Can't find anything ALL COTTON in the stores here. I love cotton too!

We once had a featherbed out here -- talk about HOT!

The Hot Husband is not leaving, but he's not the problem here anyway.

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I am probably going to get one of these for my side of the bed, to soften up my side; hubby needs extra firm.

My sister has had one on her guest bed, which used to be her son's bed, for years and it is very comfy--all wool. I too have a problem with these chemical-y mattresses and pads.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes it is not cotton filling but it is not hot at all, I sleep hot and can not do the foams or gels either. There is some loft and softness to it yes almost like adding a pillow top to the mattress.
It fits exactly to the top of the mattress and the skirting makes it stay firm in place. The skirting is a good fabric with lots of elastic stitching which make it very form fitting and it will stretch to fit a very tall mattress.
I have not used it on a gel mattress because I don't have one but I did use it on the foam mattress that was in the RV. It made a lot of difference in comfort level and I am still using it on our brand new custom mattress for protection and the added comfort.

I am sure all cotton would be best but finding something that was in the right price range was not happening.

I know you hate to go through the exchange process but honestly that is probably your best option. You do have a lot of other people that sleep on the bed since it is your rental they may complain about it too.

Plus your mattress size is going to make it even harder to find any kind of cover or pad that would fit it.

When I was looking for our new RV mattress the place that made ours had the new bamboo top mattresses which are supposed to control temp and keep it cool. Here is a mattress topper of the bamboo fiber.
Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad
Here is what it says about it
"The bamboo fabric breathes extremely well and can help cool down those extra warm mattresses (perfect to counterbalance Tempurpedic)."
the reviews are good and it is American made by a Veteran.

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I don't know the answer to your question but would encourage you not to let that window of opportunity to return the bed slip by as I did with my bed. Now I live with it, even tho' it's as hard as the floor (I'm exaggerating). Try something ASAP to cool the mattress so you can make a decision. Could be worse in the summer (maybe you don't go in the summer).

Seriously, the mattress industry is so messed up.

PS Where is Eliot?

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It sounds counterintuitive, but a quilted cotton mattress pad that is wool-filled will also be cool. The natural fibers allow air flow and help to keep you cooler.

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Dear Friends -- Thanks to you all! I think I will try the Cuddleme that Raven has so nicely detailed to see if I can live with this mattress. (It's comfortable enough, even with the sort of button indentations, but it is TOO HOT!)

We have never had a guest complain about the bed here. We got out here Jan. 1 and WE were uncomfortable so we ordered this new mattress, but we'd had no prior complaints. The people who were here over Christmas want to book again for two weeks; guess they were happy too.

Since the heat is my only big complaint I won't do the return/replace thing -- at $200 cost. We would be back in Illinois before any replacement arrived on Maui. "Island Time" is lovely as long as you are here as a tourist!

socks -- Eliot is home 'cuddling' with our regular house and dog sitter. She's a TV addict and lets him sleep up on the sofa with her. He's 14 and deaf, with limited agility due to arthritis and his poor malformed puppy-mill bones. I'm not sure he knows we are away...or cares! Thanks for asking. Do you have Oski full time now the grands have arrived?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I hope that the cuddle bed works for you. I did order mine from Amazon, I see that Costco apparently carries it too.
I read the reviews and followed the advice about taking it out of the nice case it comes in and fluffed it up, my husband and I held the corners and shook it up and down. Then I laid it over the back of my couch for a few hours to breathe. I think that helps to get the full loft in the fill. The glove fit of the skirt keeps it from shifting. Of course putting fitted sheets on will flatten the loft some.
I would definitely buy another one.
Good luck!

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I was hot last summer so I used an old wool blanket between the mattress and all cotton mattress pad...worked well.

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look up Mattress cooling pad. I found a bunch of them and the one on the link isn't very expensive.
I also found some at Bed Bath & beyond.

Here is a link that might be useful: cooling pad

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I have to be honest. A good night's sleep is worth $200 to me. What will the pad cost? The pad costs $83ish, so it's not that much more to exchange it. I just can't stand being too hot at night. Good luck!

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Why aren't "hot mattresses" big sellers here in the arctic cold. I think it's the owner.

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Yes, Chisue, DH and I enjoy having Oski full time now. I take him every morning to a field nearby and he runs around with Labrador and golden retrievers! Having no lack of self-confidence, he keeps up with the big dogs pretty well. Glad to hear Eliot is home and doing ok for a senior.

Good luck with the mattress.

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In *conclusion*...I hope...I returned the non-cotton mattress pad to Macy's yesterday. While there I found a "Hotel" brand pad that is 500 thread count cotton, top and bottom, with six-inch square quilting over polyester fill. It was $185/$100 One Day Only.

Yes, it's more than the Cuddleme, but it was HERE, NOW, so I brought it home and we tried it last night. It would take a while for Amazon to get a Cuddleme here, and we leave in a week.

We'll keep it. It adds some 'ahhh' to the firmness of the bed. It does not completely solve the heat problem. I'll still look for a small cotton quilt for my side of the bed. DH isn't too warm; just me -- funny 'cause my normal temp is 87.8 and he's the 'hot box'. (Maybe it's my hip prostheses getting hot? That's where I feel the heat.)

Thanks for bearing with me and giving me such great suggestions, even if I was limited in which ones I could act on. The advice really helped. Hurray for the KT!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well that's great that you found one locally with out the wait.
Sounds nice too.

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