Princeton White?

robnj_2006January 27, 2007

Hi, our builder has told us that he will paint every wall princeton white flat (even bathrooms) unless we tell him otherwise. I've tried to find princeton white online but can't find it. Has anyone heard this name before? If it's like linen white then we are ok with it until we buy furniture and repaint...otherwise we may ask to change it.

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Ask him for a paint chip or a sample. Failing that, ask him who the manufacturer is so you can look it up.

My guess is it's a neutral color, but it might be a low grade paint which is not good, especially in flat finish in a bathroom!

If nothing else, tell him to use satin in the bathrooms and kitchen. Semigloss is safer, but I hate that much shine on walls.

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Better listen to Zobeet here...

It's almost certainly the low-grade builders'-flat, and they'll be doing only ONE coat of actual paint. Usually, they get the paint so cheap that it doesn't hurt the pocket-book as much.
* On a 5-gal pail basis, their cost is maybe $50 bucks
* As comparison...a nice ACE-Royal Eggshell-sheen paint in a 5gal is about $98, and it's MUCH better.
* Bottom-line...there are SO many better choices!
* Avoid doing their Flat in the Bath/Kitchen like the PLAGUE!!
* Inquire what the upcharges would be to have TWO COATS of a better paint done in these 2 areas. Buy it yourself & tell-'em to put it on.
* "My" choice would be SATIN for Kitchen, & S/Gloss for Main-bath.
* As your future budget allows, re-prime over the builder's flat, doing TWO coats of paint on the primer.

Good Luck,

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Thanks so much for your input. We found the supplier and got a sample. You're both right though, it's builder's grade and is self priming. We weren't going to upgrade to better paints yet because we haven't bought furniture yet. However, I think we will change the paint in the kitchen to something warmer to go with the cabinets/couters/ floors/appliances. We'll most likely do a BM satin there and maybe something simialr in the master bath. The other bathrooms though I think we're just going to ask the builder to use the same paint he's using elsewhere but in a semigloss. I don't like the shinyness either, but it's better than flat and the paint doesn't come in satin.
Any thoughts on doing a bone color throughout the house though (that same builder's grade). It seems to us that it would be warmer than the princeton white (kind of a grey white) if we're going to have to live with it for a couple of years. The only thing we're worried about is it looking too yellow. Any thoughts? The house has 9ft ceilings and is very bright. We just don;t want it to feel cold when you walk in before we get a chance to decorate/repaint.

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I have Bone White in my family room, kitchen, upstairs hallways, laundry room and my storage room. I love the color in all the rooms so much (except for my laundry room where there is not a lot of light). It is so warm and really made my rooms look so much better than the white walls. It is not too yellow at all but it is the Benjamin Moore Bone White brand in the pearl finish. I do not like flat walls that look chalky to me. I love the Pearl Finish so much which to me is not too shiny but looks rich looking and easy to clean.
I have BM Linen White in the pearl finish in my home office and it is a nice happy color in that room that shows some contrast with the bright white ceiling and trim really brightening my room that used to have a yellowy/grayish white that I think was Behr Linen White in a flatter paint finish with no contrasting trim or ceiling color. I hated having the walls, trim and ceiling all match.

I have other colors now in other rooms but this thread is about "Bone White". :)

I do not like grayed whites unless tiles are gray and the grayness is needed to make the walls not clash. For instance, I am having my Master Bathroom (after my 1-31-07 deadline) repainted from Ralph Lauren Deep Cream in the Satin/Pearl Finish to BM Navajo White in the Semi-Gloss Finish. The bone colored sinks, bone colored tiled floor and the taupe wall tiles did not look right to me with the lemon that was showing in the RL Deep Cream on the wall. It was a happy color so I decided to stay light and the Navajo White with that touch of gray, I am sure will warm the room right up from seeing the samples on the wall and remembering how warm the room looked with a more beige color on the walls when the seller lived here over 9 years ago. I like Semi-Gloss in the Master Bathroom I have learned. The satin finish was not good since I have no windows in that room and the room needed a sturdier paint.

I just LOVE the RL Deep Cream in the Satin Finish in my bedroom now that I put a pretty picture of flowers on the wall. It is always so happy but I have nothing with gray in it in my bedroom so it looks wonderful. Of course when I finally call tomorrow to order the Linen colored Room darkening blinds and take down these paper gray blinds, the room will look that much nicer. I have all my window treatments finished now but my bedroom. I wish I did not have heater vents under the windows which really limited my choices and my need for complete darkness as I sleep.

Hence, I think the Bone White(if it is anything like Benjamin Moore's Bone White) will really warm up a room if there is some light in the room. Fluorescent lights add a little yellow but the color is never too yellow.

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