Good things happen to those who are persistent!

nhbasketsFebruary 24, 2014

Many of you read my tale of woe concerning the kitchen in our new construction home. The developer wanted us to use his cabinetmaker. After dealing with him for over a month and getting no where, we finally told the developer that we would not work with him. You can read the whole story in the link below.

The other two options that we had looked at for our kitchen was a cabinetmaker that was recommended by a fellow GW'er or to use the KD we had for our current kitchen. Again, the builder was difficult and would not work with us for using the cabinetmaker. So, after an extremely stressful weekend we finally have mutually agreed upon using my original KD. She has done one kitchen in the development we are building in so the developer felt comfortable with her.

While I will not be getting my inset cabinets, but rather full overlay, I'm thrilled to again be working with my KD and her crew. Cabinets are being ordered today and we should be able to keep to our timeline of a mid-May move in. Our KD surprised us today with throwing in a free vanity cabinet that she had coming to her. I'm now happy to be able to concentrate on the fun things of building a house after so much drama.

Thank you to all those here who provided their opinion, wisdom and encouragement. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community. Love you all!


P.S. I'll be sure to post pictures as things progress.

Here is a link that might be useful: Previous thread

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Very happy to hear this good news. Now you can start concentrating on the fun stuff. I know your current kitchen is Plain & Fancy. Are you going with P&F for this one?

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woohoo - congrats! Persistence is key.

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Great to hear some good news - just sorry it took so long to get there!

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Thanks for posting. I've been wondering how this would be resolved and worrying a bit about your DH. Given the beautiful results you had with your present kitchen I'd bet your KD will come through for you again.

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Am so happy this was finally resolved for you. Guess the 80-year old is a little disappointed (lol). Can't wait to see the finished product posted.

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romy--I wish I could have afforded P&F again, as I love my kitchen. We're going for a totally different look this time with Medallion white perimeter cabs and a blue island crowned with my gorgeous Super White.

chiefy--DH was so close to pulling the plug. I'm so happy we saw it through.

Philly--I can only hope a year from now this will be a distance memory.

amck--I just adore our kitchen designer. Since the cabs needed to be ordered TODAY, it was a mad scramble when she came and measured yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness I had provided her with some rough measurements and an idea of what I wanted when we first looked at this house in January. She came up with a few ideas while we were there yesterday that should make the kitchen special. DH's blood pressure is returning to normal (for him) and we made it through the weekend without an ER visit. Thanks for asking.

Canuck--I'm sure he is relived, actually, as I was asking him to create something way out of his comfort zone. I'll be glad if I never see him again, but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes by at some point when the cabs are going in to check things out. The installer my KD uses is amazing and a true craftsman who could run circles around him.

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Ahh, I forgot about your beautiful Super White. That is going to be stunning with your blue island.
What a relief to have a KD & an installer that you have complete confidence in.

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Good things do happen to the persistent.

My wife of 32 years claims that "He wore me down." when asked how we got together.

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Why can't you get your inset cabinets?
It is a completely different look than anything overlay.

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Spoke too soon about DH. I'm with him now in ER. He was brought in by ambulance what at PT for his knee. Blood pressure is sky high.

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Oh, dear, nhbaskets. I was just reading this for the kitchen update, and saw your latest post. Take care. Thoughts are with you.

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Take care of DH.

congrats on hitting a milestone with cab decision. (It look me a long while to make changes). :-)

Tre - lol

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Oh, my...healing thoughts being sent your DH's way. Good thing this was caught @ PT. Better to get it checked out.

You're both due a breather after the past week.

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Positive thoughts for your DH,

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When I woke up this morning, I certainly would not have guessed today's events. They ended up doing a cath on DH and are now saying he needs by-pass surgery. So, he's being transported from our local hospital in NH to Mass General in Boston. We're still waiting to hear when he will be going. I'm back home tying up details and will most likely drive down tomorrow. DH has been to MGH before and they are a world class hospital, so I'm confident things will go well. Please keep DH is your thoughts and prayers. Any help can't hurt.

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NH glad to hear your kitchen is now being done by the KD and the problems for the kitchen are behind you. So sorry about your DH's impending surgery. I worked for a big cardiology group in RI and I know MG is excellent and he is in very good hands. I will pray for an easy surgery and a quick recovery for him. Please let us know how he is doing. How many are they doing if I may ask?

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Sammy--only one. He has 3 stents right in that area below where the bypass will be. I know I'll be researching this all night. Thanks for your good wishes.

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nh, sorry to hear that--also hoping he has an easy surgery & quick recovery. You take care of you too, huh? Sleep? He'll have an easier time if you're rested, too...MG's a fantastic hospital.

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nhbaskets - So sorry to hear about DH's surgery but glad you are at MG. Best wishes for an easy surgery and that you are both able to get back soon to planning the kitchen/new home.

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How scary for you both! Thinking good thoughts regarding your husband's surgery and praying for a quick and uneventful recovery. Glad the kitchen stress is gone in the meantime. One less, thing to worry about when your hands are full!

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Just checking in on your DH and you?
How are you doing?

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Sarah Brennan

So sorry to hear about the surgery. My father had a triple bypass in mass general 25 years ago and hes still doing great - they do a wonderful job!

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