Feedback on Laura Ashley (Valspar) vs. Benjamin Moore?

gardenergwenJanuary 28, 2008

We have been using Benjamin Moore Matte paint on our home but are getting frustrated with the high cost of paint. Our son found a Laura Ashley color - Moss 5 - that is in the Laura Ashley paint line of Valspar that he likes and would like to use for his room.

We love BM Matte for the finish and ease of application. Has anyone used the Valspar paints? Could you provide feedback on the paint application, wearability, and cost (I haven't been to Lowe's yet to price it out). I'd prefer to stay in a flat or maybe an eggshell finish to keep a consistent wall sheen between rooms.

Is Valspar an okay paint or are we better off just paying a few extra dollars for Benjamin Moore?


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I painted with Laura Ashley Raspberry last summer. Being a dark color, it took LOTS of coats. I haven't used Benjamin Moore, but I hear that this is common for red paint.

There wasn't much splatter, but the coverage was a bit uneven. Nothing that made me swear off the brand, though. The result was nice!

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Wow, that Raspberry looks fabulous - nice job. Would you mind sharing what paint you used on the door/trim? Thanks!


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

That's beautiful!!


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The trim and door are as they were when I bought my condo. How about "builder's white" as a color. :)

I should add that not matter what tool I used around the edges, the finish didn't even out to match the areas where a roller was used. It still bothers me.

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I've always used Laura Ashley. I painted my son's room (blue over previous green) and it was perfect. One coat!
The next weekend I painted my other son's room (burnt orange over blue) disaster. Maybe I should have used a primer but four coats later, I had the same problem that the edges wasn't matching the roller. Plus in certain areas, the paint peels right off.
I'm planning on painting the den next (Grassland or Olive 3)-can't decide and I'll use the same brand. I get their more expensive version. I don't remember the name but it comes in a copper can. It's about $22 /gallon.
Jeanninepc99: I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!!

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Laura Ashley Valspar paint is great paint! I just painted with the Wild Artichoke color. I found it easy to use.. low odor, low drip and excellent coverage.
I haven't used Benjamin Moore paints but I Have used a lot of Behr premium paints, Sherwin Williams and a few gallons of Ralph Lauren (wouldn't recommend) and Walmart paint.
The valspar paint has good ratings and I am going to use it again. I used the eggshell interior.

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They don't have a special paint for the Laura Ashley's the same point, just a different palate of colors.

Honestly, if you're debating between the low end BM and Valspar, it'll probably be a very similar product. If you are thinking of using the premium level paints, I think many people would say Benjamin Moore is a little better.

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Where do you purchase your BM paint? I get the swatches from ACE, and have them mix their brand, and it's really good paint. (I was surprised the first time...b/c it's less expensive, I was leery!) I just finished my DR in Ace Brand paint,(eggshell) and couldn't be happier! I have not tried LA but do love the colors!

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RNmomof2 zone 5

Here's a complaint I have with my last experience with the Valspar paint. We painted my daughter's room with this two weekends ago. We used one coat of primer and then two coats of paint. Her room still smells like paint! We have tried several things--a ceramic heater to make sure the paint has fully cured since her room is chillier than the rest of the house, running a fan, opening the windows. We think with the addition of a reed diffuser we finally have most of it gone.

This problem is enough to make me think about using Valspar again even though I have used it 4-5 times in the past without a problem.

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I just painted two bedrooms with Valspar Signature (top of the line), and 3 coats of "high hiding" white primer (also Valspar) and 1 coat of paint later, I STILL don't have coverage! This is the most horrible paint I have ever used and will never purchase another drop. It streaks at any overlaps, and as mentioned in previous posts, you can't get the trim-out to match the rest of the wall. I painted my galley kitchen, which was pumpkin orange (what were the previous owners thinking? =D) with Dutch Boy Kitchen and Bath and got great results with just 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of paint - no streaks, even coverage.

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IMHO, The difference between BM and Valspar is night and day. Its like comparing a Cadillac to a geo metro. BM is the best covering, easiest applying and most durable paint you can buy. The ONLY paint ive seen that comes close that is a lowes/home depot special is Behr. This is coming from a previous co-owner of a res/comm paint contracting business, so in other words, ive put gallons on in my day. I would recommend BM to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Sure, it might be a few more $$ /gallon, but you will save in the long run.
laurielou56-It sounds to me like when you tried to paint the two bedrooms and had streaking and bad coverage, perhaps you painted latex over oil based. Not all latex primers will go over top oil based paint. You would need something like Benjamin Moore Fresh Start. Im not certain what the valspar line would be or if they even make one. Here is a way to test it, if the paint has been on for a few days, and you can take your fingernail and pick the paint off, odds are, you painted over oil. Im not saying this is the case, just a hunch cause 3 coats of primer and a coat of finish should hide just about anything.


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Just finished painting a spare bedroom with Valspar paint and I will never use it again. It took nearly 3 coats to cover a very light yellow and I went through several gallons. Yes, it is cheaper than most other paints, but in the long run using Porter or Benjamin Moore would have been the same price or possibly a bit cheaper.

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I'm moving to Durham and I was thinking of using Lowes paint as there is no Kelley Moore (which I like) in the area. Your comments were helpful. Any suggestions in the Durham area?

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