Just sharing the beginning of our home polish!

autumngalDecember 28, 2008

We've moved in a week and a half ago, had Christmas and now it's time to get to work!

We live in a lovely 1898 Victorian. It's not a very fancy one and doesn't seem to have a specific style. The people who built it seemed to be wealthy but frugal. We have some nice touches, but they didn't spend money on things they didn't need, like fancy doorknobs, which I accept but am a little sad about. The family that we purchased the house from owned it for about 60 years I think! They loved it and remodeled it a bit, but mainly kept it as it was, just painting and putting down carpet and wall paper. The main place they remoldeled was in the kitchen and I think the main remodel was done in the late 50's early 60's. So, we are bringing the kitchen up to date and making it a bit antique.

The sad thing about the kitchen is that they ripped out the plaster walls and old trim and moldings. However, since they left it everywhere else in the house, I'm not too upset about it. I took some photos of the whole thing, but thought that there would be people here would would actually enjoy looking at the little glimpses of the past that we peep into while pulling things down. Here are some photos, sorry, it's late and I haven't righted them all yet, but I think you'll get the idea:

This one is my favorite- you can see so many layers of time, and I think the greenish brown on the bottom was the original, which is very exciting.

Just a view of the DR through Butler's pantry to the kitchen, you can see the change of molding and trim. Hopefully, we'll be able to match it!

Thanks so much for letting me share, will post more as more happens.

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I came specifically to see these pics, Ginnie. They look about like ours! :o)

Your woodwork is nearly identical to ours. Our contractor is recreating it in our kitchen. It's actually fairly straightforward, so you shouldn't have a problem. Ours isn't painted, so matching the finish on the new oak is going to be the tricky part for us.

Good luck with the reno! I can't wait to see more pics!

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I've seen that sickly shade of aquamarine many a time! Much as I like authenticity, I can never bring myself to recreate that colour in the new kitchen.

I hope you retain that recaptured foot of headroom!

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Worthy, I couldn't agree more, there are times in an old house when we have to embrace the modern- when faced with ungodly aquamarines seems like some of the best times.

That said, there are so many modern conventions that are a little sad, like shorter celings- I'm taking my tall celings back with a vengence! Thanks for the encouragement-

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There must have been a really good sale on that aquamarine color! I've found it buried in 2 rooms in my "new" house already. I'd really like to figure out a non-offensive way to bring that back in somewhere. Definitely not a whole kitchen - maybe a 1/2 bath with lots of white tile?

The molding can definitely be recreated. You just need to find someone willing to do a small custom job. That shouldn't be that hard in this economy.

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Yep, more aquamarine here! We have a wall like that too - I'm especially fond of the different wallpaper layers - floral, plaid, etc, ... but not fond enough to recreate! Thanks for sharing :)

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I think the aquamarine might have come from the 20's (maybe late teens) sometime. I know it was popular then. Billl I think a half bath in that color would be fabulous! Although you would need lots and lots of white to balance it. You never know, it might come back in and your half bath would be all the rage.

I'm convincing my husband it's actually not too hard to re-create the molding... keep your fingers crossed!

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It's so cool to see your reno. I have that aquamarine color with a floral pattern in my small bedroom under 3 other layers of wallpaper. My home was wallpapered within an inch of it's life!!!! There's at least 3 layers in every room that wasn't remodeled by PO. I have rounded corners in my living room, cos they didn't cut in....... LOL

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Seriously...what was the deal with the aquamarine love affair back then?

Luky me, they even painted over the beautiful brick fireplace in aquamarine. I'll let you know how the paint stripping job goes when I get up the nerve to tackle that project!

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Oh no saintpfla! That's awful- I found more aquamarine in my house, we have a nice stairway in the living room with a kind of dramatic-ish wall behind it and under the wallpaper and top layer of paint, I spy aquamarine! Yes, the kickplates (or whatever the not walking on part of the stair is called) the railing spindles and wall were all aquamarine. Glad it's not there but would have loved to see a photo of the aqua palace! Just safely hid it again under several coats of white.

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Love your place and kudos to you and your DH for taking on the job! You will be very happy and proud of your home once it's done.

I never saw the actual 'aqua-palace' either as everything was painted over in a neutral beige at the time of sale. But, after 9 years in the house, the aqua is letting me know it's still there.

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Ginnie, I finally got to check out these photos! Anything from Photobucket is blocked on my work computer and we didn;t have internet at the house until today. I want to show you my aqua colored walls. You can see someone's growth chart on it!

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Katie, that's fabulous! I love it- there is a secret coat closet under our front stairs that is aqua and even if for some odd reason I need to paint it, it's staying aqua. My little secret aqua haven.

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